• September 13, 2021

Topics : Corona Virus

Global Inequality During Covid-19 and Beyond

This pandemic has rocked the world we know. The word “Covid-19” has become known to all. We are now living in a different world. Our norms have changed. However, there is hope thanks to the vaccine. The lives and livelihoods of the less-educated and lower-paid classes have been threatened by the Covid pandemic more than […]Read More

My Covid-19 Experience Poem

Today, I resulted negative to Covid-19. This is a poem I wrote while I was in quarantine. Poem: My Covid-19 Experience I received the result on Valentine’s day…“of all days…why today?!” Very mild symptoms; still didn’t feel okay. I had exams to face, I felt afraid. I dare say, I felt betrayed. “After I made […]Read More

Google Keywords 2020 That Caught My Attention

As I paused to ponder about this year, I felt curious about what people searched for on the internet during this particular year, 2020. Below are some of this year’s Google searches that caught my attention. While some of the keywords of 2020 were fun to read or somewhat surprising, it was fascinating to notice […]Read More

Let Us Be Surprised by Hope During COVID-19!

The first weeks of the pandemic were accompanied by singing in balconies, clapping to doctors and nurses, and the words “All will be well!” A few months down the line, front-liners were protesting the irresponsibility of party organizers, Amazon’s founder (Jeff Bezos) saw his wealth rise by an estimated $48 billion while the number of […]Read More

Corona Virus Poem – Feeling Proud

Corona Virus Poem – Feeling Proud I’m Feeling Proud … To see eyes making an effort to communicate sympathy while the smiles are still hidden behind the masks. Proud to hear phones  ringing to ask how are you doing, while  it is still  difficult to visit or to meet. Proud to see the importance given […]Read More

Easter Message 2020 Amidst COVID-19

EASTER MESSAGE 2020 AMIDST COVID-19 This Easter 2020 is being celebrated in our own homes amidst the physical and mental difficulties of COVID-19; collective trauma, grief, loss of loved ones, tensions over job losses and vigilance for safety amongst others. Despite all this, as Christians we carry the hope of Easter.   We have a […]Read More