• November 27, 2020

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Let Us Be Surprised by Hope During COVID-19!

The first weeks of the pandemic were accompanied by singing in balconies, clapping to doctors and nurses, and the words “All will be well!” A few months down the line, front-liners were protesting the irresponsibility of party organizers, Amazon’s founder (Jeff Bezos) saw his wealth rise by an estimated $48 billion while the number of […]Read More

Corona Virus Poem – Feeling Proud

Corona Virus Poem – Feeling Proud I’m Feeling Proud … To see eyes making an effort to communicate sympathy while the smiles are still hidden behind the masks. Proud to hear phones  ringing to ask how are you doing, while  it is still  difficult to visit or to meet. Proud to see the importance given […]Read More

Easter Message 2020 Amidst COVID-19

EASTER MESSAGE 2020 AMIDST COVID-19 This Easter 2020 is being celebrated in our own homes amidst the physical and mental difficulties of COVID-19; collective trauma, grief, loss of loved ones, tensions over job losses and vigilance for safety amongst others. Despite all this, as Christians we carry the hope of Easter.   We have a […]Read More

Corona Quarantine – Lessons From Noah’s Ark

We are experiencing great contrasts. In a time where we want more closeness we’re called for social distancing to protect life. Our desire for closeness is reignited after a long winter. In a time where we need the stories of the elderly to recover wisdom for uncharted waters, children and young people are asked to […]Read More

Corona Virus Poem – Doing Things Differently

CORONA VIRUS POEM – DOING THINGS DIFFERENTLY   In this Corona virus poem, the poet gives alternatives of what one can do, keeping in mind the many things that we used to do in our normal life and which we can’t do now during the Corona virus period of lockdown. “It’s time to do things […]Read More

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