• September 13, 2021

Topics : God

Lord I Need You, Where Are You?

Lord, sometimes I wonder if you are there. If You do hear my prayers. If You do answer my pleas. For a long time I have been asking you to show me the Way. I keep feeling that the more time that passes by, the more I keep drifting away from You. Guide me Lord so […]Read More

Understanding the Love of God the Father

In this short happening during a Sunday mass, Sarah Zammit Munro reflects on the love of God the Father. It was the Sunday mass. I admit that I wasn’t paying much attention but looking around at the people there. Even when we get distracted God has a way of reeling us back in. As I […]Read More

Poem – Describing God

POEM: DESCRIBING GOD In this poem Describing God, the poet highlights God’s generosity, kindness and comfort giving God has a heart as big as outer space, a hoard from where all gifts are distributed deserved or undeserved. Kibbutz of grace. He is a plant where all impurities are filtered; a whitewash, that painted on the […]Read More

Prayer to Thank God

A PRAYER TO THANK GOD Lord God – Your Presence embraces me. I abide in You as a fish breathes in pure water. In You I live, in You I move, in You I respite. I cannot possibly flee from your presence. Lord God – We cannot see You, but creation, Your handiwork, reveals You. […]Read More

Short Quotes About God

SHORT QUOTES ABOUT GOD God Quote 1 – Leo Tolstoy “The most difficult thing , but essential one , is to love Life, to love it even when one suffers, because Life is all, Life is God, and to love Life means to love God. Leo Tolstoy God Quote 2 – Anon “Just trust Him, for He […]Read More

The Fathers of the Church About God

THE FATHERS OF THE CHURCH ABOUT GOD 1. Our heart only rests in God – St Augustine of Hippo “You made us for Yourself, O Lord; and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” “God is our helper: he made us and not we ourselves.” “Nothing mutable is eternal: but our God is eternal.” […]Read More

Poem: Where Is God?

POEM – WHERE IS GOD? In this poem, the poet speaks about spiritual doubt especially when faced by negative experiences like death and other mishaps. He partially finds the answer to his question in the psalms. ‘Where is God now?’, I have been asked. ‘Where is God when his children die? Where is God when […]Read More

Who Is God? “To Me God Is” – Poem

WHO IS GOD? “TO ME GOD IS” – POEM God is THE FATHER , offering us unconditional love, THE MOTHER , promising us eternal tender care, THE GIFT , giving Himself to us, THE WORD , becoming flesh and dwelling amongst us, THE TRUTH , bearing witness to Himself, THE REVEALER , showing Himself as […]Read More

Finding God in Literature

For me personally, God’s most clear and most effective conduit of his Spirit has always been literature. “Lord . . . culture, custom, art, science, literature, can all serve as conduits of your Spirit . . .”  This is part of a prayer in my Lent and Easter book.  Books have always been my great […]Read More