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God Quotes From The Fathers Of The Church

GOD QUOTES FROM THE FATHERS OF THE CHURCH 1. Our heart only rests in God – St Augustine of Hippo “You made us for Yourself, O Lord; and our heart is restless until it rests in you.” St Augustine of Hippo 2. God is the perfect father and master – Tertullian “God both a perfect […]Read More

Understanding The Love Of God The Father

It was the Sunday mass. I admit that I wasn’t paying much attention but looking around at the people there. Even when we get distracted God has a way of reeling us back in. As I was sitting at the back, I was noticing every person walking past, either late or keeping their children entertained. […]Read More

Poem describing god

POEM: DESCRIBING GODTherese Pace God has a heart as big as outer space,a hoard from where all gifts are distributed deserved or undeserved. Kibbutz of grace. He is a plant where all impurities are filtered;a whitewash, that painted on the tarnish,refreshes look and feel. Hides each and every weal. A station where pilgrims, stressed at best, […]Read More

Prayer To Thank God

A PRAYER TO THANK GODby Saint George Preca Lord God – Your Presence embraces me.I abide in You as a fish breathes in pure water. In You I live, in You I move, in You I respite.I cannot possibly flee from your presence. Lord God – We cannot see You, but creation, Your handiwork, reveals […]Read More

Finding God In The Goodness Around Me

“The foundation and philsophy of Jesus is the only theory that makes perfect sense. I have found flaws in every other religious theory. The consistent laws of nature prove that there is someone out there that made up the rules all along. That led me to believe in a higher being and thus led me in the curiousity […]Read More

Where is God?

POEM: WHERE IS GOD?Daniel Spiteri ‘Where is God now?’, I have been asked.‘Where is God when his children die?Where is God when all this evil is unmasked? Where is God when families are torn apartBy their anxieties, and by the rule of law?Where is your God when I lost heart?’ In truth, I was burdened […]Read More

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