• September 13, 2021

Topics : Death

Heaven Is My Home

Heaven has always played a crucial role in my life. Not because I always understood its significance, but mostly because the concept of heaven always set me thinking. It got me to ask questions, making me curious to know more. I had just learnt to say my evening prayers by heart, when my aunt told […]Read More

Top Pope Francis’ Quotes on Death

Top Pope Francis’ Quotes On Death 1. The question of death is a question of life “The question of death is the question of life, and keeping the question of death open, perhaps, is the greatest human responsibility so as to keep the question of life open…But the oblivion of death is also its beginning, […]Read More

The Death of My Brother

This experience, “the death of my brother” is a true story related by a supportive sister who says “it was a privilege” to have helped her younger brother die well as she accompanied him during a terminal illness. It must have been late October or early November when I braced myself: “How long does he […]Read More

Pope Quote About Death

POPE QUOTE ABOUT DEATH “Not only man is tormented by pain and by the advancing deterioration of his body, but even more so by a dread of perpetual extinction. He rightly follows the intuition of his heart when he abhors and repudiates the utter ruin and total disappearance of his own person. He rebels against […]Read More

Does Time Heal Grief?

Does Time Heal Grief? In this article, bereavement specialist Ms Bernardette Briffa says that giving yourself the permission and the time to grieve is imperative to heal from grief and loss. She gives six helpful tips to deal with unfinished grief. Goodbye means “ouch!” Saying goodbye is always stressful. If you’ve ever had to say it, […]Read More

The Death of My Old Mother

In this article “The Death of My Old Mother”, her daughter recounts how she has experienced the death of her mother and its aftermath. Two days after Christmas, she had not woken at half-past six, as usual, to recite the rosary with the radio, and then, hear mass through the same medium. “Mother . . […]Read More

Quotes About Death

DEATH QUOTES BY FAMOUS PEOPLE Death Quote 1 – Fr James V. Schall SJ “This supernatural destiny was freely offered to man by God who desires each person, including the aborted, to gain eternal life. But because God respects the freedom given man to accept or reject the divine invitation, he allows each person to […]Read More

What Happens When You Die?

Fr Paul Chetcuti SJ  explains the meaning and the Catholic vision of afterlife and heaven, of what happens when you die.  “Afterlife is pure relationship without the brokenness we experience in this world..” When I die, I will be liberated from my bodily needs because relationship itself becomes the beginning and the end of all that I am. In […]Read More