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Teaching English As A Foreign Language – A Touching Experience

Sarah Borg, an EFL teacher, highlights the differences between teaching English to summer students and teaching English to refugees in Malta. I had completed the course in Teaching English to Foreign Learners. I had found a job teaching English with a renowned school in Malta. I was set to start teaching, very enthusiastic and fully […]Read More

Why Are People Refugees?

UNDERSTANDING REFUGEES WHO IS A REFUGEE? WHY ARE PEOPLE REFUGEES? A refugee is a person who flees his country for safety or survival. People are refugees for various reasons. Reasons for fleeing one’s country and becoming a refugee include war and civil war, genocide, natural disasters like drought, abuses of human rights, opposing the government, ethnic […]Read More

Poem About Being Away From Home

POEM: WHEN SEPARATED FROM YOUR HOMELida Sherafatmand The first home is the womb, They cut our connection of umbilical cord, The second separation is the parental protection,As life cuts our parents’ protection, Then separations come from Our first loves, As reality fights illusion, Then separation from our home comes,As the politics go to war, Then separations […]Read More

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