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The Early Church Mothers Or Desert Mothers

It has been shown that there were thousands of women who lived in the desert and played leadership roles among the Christians.  Some of the most important who have come down to us are Amma Sarah, Amma Syncletica and Amma Theodora.  The term “Amma”, in much the same way as “Abba”, designates the spiritual mother […]Read More

Complete List Of The Fathers Of The Church

Fathers of the Church list compiled by Fr Joe Buhagiar Bianco SJ 1. The Apostolic Fathers : 1st Century Clement, Bishop of Rome (30-100) Ignatius, Bishop of Antioch (30-107) Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna (69-155) Barnabas (priest?) (between 70 and 132) Mathetes, Epistle to Diognetus 2. The Post-apostolic Fathers : 2nd & 3rd Centuries Justin, (Priest) […]Read More

Who Are The Fathers Of The Church?

The Fathers Of The Church are also known as founding fathers, early fathers or apostolic fathers. Some of them were even saints or martyrs, they were willing to die for the truth they had been given. The area of study of these early Christian leaders is called Patristics. It all begins a few decades after Christ’s death. Expert Fr Joe […]Read More

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