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Danusan – “Faith is like cheese, it matures with time”

Indeed, God calls all sorts of people and works with everybody. That’s what we confirmed at Universe of Faith from comedian duo, Daniel and Sander better known as Danusan. This is the faith journey of these two Maltese comedians , Daniel Chircop and Chrysander Agius , and their thoughts about the Church in Malta. Crysander’s faith journey … “For me […]Read More

Prayer For Doubt & Unbelief

A PRAYER FOR DOUBT AND UNBELIEF by Paolo Coelho Lord protect our doubts, because doubt is a way of praying. It is what makes us grow, because it forces us to look fearlessly at the many answers there are to a single question.   And to make this possible, LORD protect our decisions, because making decisions […]Read More

We Are All Called To Be Disciples – Kimberly Terrible

Universe of Faith talks to marine biology lecturer and concert pianist Kimberly Terribile about music, life under the sea, and witnessing faith in daily life. “We are all called to do something”, she says. “Music had a huge impact on my creativity and formation” As you get to know Kimberly Terribile, the mix of art […]Read More

Why Is It So Hard To Believe God Loves Me?

Fr David Cefai SJ replies… It is a great temptation to feel it’s hard to believe that God loves you. However, no matter how you feel, God is always present in your life. Whether you feel abandoned or you feel loved, God is always with you. He is always present in our lives, not just in Church […]Read More

Top Popes’ Quotes About Faith

TOP POPES’ QUOTES ABOUT FAITH 1. Faith Is A Personal Act “Faith is a personal act , the free response of the human person to the initiative of God who reveals himself. The ability to say one believes in God is therefore both a gift , God reveals himself, he comes to meet us , […]Read More

What Is Catholic Faith?

The Catholic faith can be understood as an invitation that leads those who embrace it to an active life aligned with the ideals and example of Jesus Christ. Catholics are Christians. The Catholic faith goes beyond obedience to the “rules and statements” of the Catholic Church like the Ten Commandments and the Cathecism of The […]Read More

Scientist’s Belief In God

“As a scientist, I am fully aware of how the body works. Healing takes place when the body is alive. I am intrigued by the stigmata case of Padre Pio in recent times when science is now at an advanced stage. This is different from St. Francis’ case when there were no doctors and professors. […]Read More

10 Famous, Faithful, Practising, Christian Celebrities

Are fame and power contrary to a life of faith, or do they help believers develop their relationship with God? This is a list of 10 famous, practising Christian celebrities who make space for faith in their careers. 1. Faith in the Wild, Anglican , Bear Grylls You would expect a man dropped in the wild with nothing but a […]Read More

The Political Dimension Of Faith

Profs. Oliver Friggieri reflects on faith as a matter of life and its effect on politics in the Maltese context Can the Constitution ignore a major collective dimension such as faith? Is culture complete without its transcendental component? Is there art which is not intrinsically religious? Is it possible for a political party to claim that […]Read More

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