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Crucifixes In Public Places

Some days ago, it became known that some department within the Ministry for Health in Malta had ordered the removal of crucifixes, statues, and other religious items of a Christian character from health centres and departmental offices. All hell broke loose and it was demanded that the order be rescinded. Less than twenty-four hours later, […]Read More

Jesus Did Not Sin, So Can We Say He Was Fully Human?

Fr Mark Sultana replies…”to be human means to be tempted.” Jesus Had A Body Like Each One Of Us Jesus is the Son of God who became human, he is, and remains, the second person of the divine Trinity who has personally and irrevokably become one of us. The incarnation means that he is fully human […]Read More

Who is Jesus and what did he believe?

Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, and died in Jerusalem. His non-threatening approach attracted people from various walks of life. He was a man who acted on a local level with a global vision. Jesus was an innovator for his time by what he believed and the way he lived: he treated women with the same dignity […]Read More

Top Popes’ Quotes About Following Jesus Christ

TOP POPES’ QUOTES ABOUT FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST 1. The Political Programme Of Jesus “The programme of Jesus is ‘a heart which sees’ . This heart sees where love is needed and acts accordingly.” Pope Benedict, Deus Caritas Est, 2005 2. When We Follow Jesus, We Start Feeling Free “If we let Christ into our lives, we lose nothing, nothing, […]Read More

Jesus, Are You There?

When I was a very young girl, someone gave me a Holy Picture of a girl, sitting on the altar, and knocking on the Tabernacle saying, “Jesus, are you there?” This picture penetrated my heart and left a lasting impression. Yes, Jesus is indeed there, present under the species of a tiny host in all the […]Read More

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