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Fr Antonio Maria Speedy – His Religious Life Experience

Illustrating, commercial art, drinking, light drugs, new age and becoming famous were a few words associated with Matthew Farrugia, now Fr Antonio Maria Speedy, who joined a relatively new religious congregation , The Poor Friars and Nuns, who live in total poverty and simplicity. This article describes the vocational call of poor friar Fr Antonio Maria Speedy… […]Read More

Meet The Down-to-Earth FCJ Nun MaryAnne Francalanza

Meet FCJ nun Sr MaryAnne Francalanza – the young woman who felt she might not fit in a convent, but wanted to live a spiritual life full-time… God: How do you relate to God?   God is the faithful and constant companion in my life. I can speak to God like a friend. I like to go and […]Read More

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