• April 14, 2021
Suzanne Vella

Suzanne Vella

Suzanne Vella has a Masters' Degree in Theology, a Diploma in Spirituality and a Diploma in Digital Marketing. Besides writing for Universe of Faith, she also works as a trainer in the European Solidarity Corps.

A Heart for Others – The Nursing Experience of Rosita

With an open heart to serve others, Rosita’s long nursing experience took her to many places both in her homeland Malta and abroad. In this article, she describes how her life became enriched with many friends and family members who walked with her, side by side, through her life’s journey, and how many people benefitted […]Read More

Astronomy and Faith

In this interview, Dr Anthony Vella, a vet by profession, shares his passion for astronomy and faith and how these two sustain each other. Dr Anthony Vella is qualified in astronomy and theology.  As a young boy, Anthony used to put a pillow on the roof and look at the Milky Way with his naked […]Read More

Google Keywords 2020 That Caught My Attention

As I paused to ponder about this year, I felt curious about what people searched for on the internet during this particular year, 2020. Below are some of this year’s Google searches that caught my attention. While some of the keywords of 2020 were fun to read or somewhat surprising, it was fascinating to notice […]Read More

The Woman School and the Story of January Donovan

Meet January Donovan, an inspirational, disciplined woman who believes in women’s dreams. She has journeyed from a traumatic childhood and a turbulent teenage life to becoming a successful businesswoman – founder of ‘The Woman School’, and a happy wife and mother of 8 children. January Donovan’s vision for women During my interview with January, I […]Read More

Brilliant Message by Fernando Pessoa not Pope Francis

This brilliant message about being happy is a loose English translation of  “Palco de vida” attributed to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) not Pope Francis as some online posts have attributed. I have searched the Vatican website but this text is nowhere to be seen. In this link the author discusses the authorship of […]Read More

Changes in the Catholic Church – The Context of Malta

In this interview, Gina Debattista, a Gestalt psychotherapist and senior visiting lecturer at the University of Malta, speaks about changes in the Catholic Church that she wishes to see. She also speaks of her hopes for a future Church made up of committed Catholics.   Change 1 –Social Justice as a necessary outcome of prayer […]Read More

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