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Fasting Tips For The Catholic Vegetarian

There has been a small but continuous vegetarian movement in the Catholic Church from the very beginning. Technically, fasting is a practice where one deprives oneself of some food. Abstinence is normally from meat. But what about Catholic vegetarians? Vegetarians can obviously fast, but can they practice abstinence as the Church intends? It seems that vegetarians […]Read More

Is Lent A Negative Season? – A Catholic Lenten Reflection

Fr Jimmy Bonnici replies…Few weeks after Christmas, and we are already in Lent. From lights to decorations, candles and colours we find ourselves in a sort of barren land covered with ashes. In this Catholic Lent reflection we ask and reflect… Is Lent a “negative season following the “positive Christmas one? Following the Christmas season fundraising marathons, […]Read More

Top Pope Francis Quote About Lent

TOP POPE FRANCIS’ QUOTE ABOUT LENT “LENT IS THE TIME FOR SAYING NO. No to the spiritual asphyxia born of the pollution caused by indifference, by thinking that other people’s lives are not my concern, and by every attempt to trivialize life, especially the lives of those whose flesh is burdened by so much superficiality. […]Read More

The Prodigal Son Father's Point Of View

In this imaginary monologue, Sarah DeGaetano reflects on the prodigal son father’s point of view based on the biblical parable of the prodigal son. She describes this father’s thoughts, prayers and questions he might have asked outlining this father’s great unconditional love, concern and mercy; his constant waiting and hope; and finally his great joy upon the eventual return of his […]Read More

Lent Quote From The Fathers Of The Church

“No act of virtue can be great if it is not followed by advantage for others. So, no matter how much time you spend fasting, no matter how much you sleep on a hard floor and eat ashes and sigh continually, if you do no good to others, you do nothing great,   St John […]Read More

Why Is Fasting Important During Lent?

Fr Mark Sultana explains the significance of fasting during lent, that is – why Catholics consume less food on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Fasting has to do with trusting, healing an having an open heart Fasting and abstinence have to do with a healing of relationships , with God, with others, with creation, with self. We each […]Read More

If Jesus Said "Do This In Memory Of Me" Why

Fr Mark Sultana replies that in the Eucharist there is the real presence of Jesus Christ because the words “in memory of me” in the Hebrew mindset mean more that just “remembering”. It’s about “re-experiencing.” One must keep in mind that, in Jesus’ Hebrew mindset, to remember is far more than recalling an event; it is a re-presentation […]Read More

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