• September 13, 2021

Topics : Creation

Ecological Conversion Definition

As part of the celebrations of the Season of Creation (1st Sept – 4th Oct) Fr Jimmy Bonnici gives an ecological conversion definition in this article. Through the encyclical ‘On Care for Our Common Home‘, he demonstrates how an eco-conversion implies a new way how we look at, interact and behave in front of creation. […]Read More

Why Care for Our Common Home? – Fr Rob Galea

Why care for our common home? Musician Fr Rob Galea, a Maltese priest living in Australia, shares a few words about Pope Francis’ letter “On Care For Our Common Home” and its relevance in today’s scenario dominated by Covid-19. The heart of a Pope who loves the heart of a loving God “When I first […]Read More

4 Maltese Professionals Read Laudato Si- Laudato Si Week 2020

These four Maltese professionals from different sectors of society share a common passion, they love the environment, and they have all read Pope Francis’ letter On Care Of Our Common Home. On the occasion of Laudato Si Week 2020, 16th-24th May, they tells us what inspires them from this encyclical and its relevance in today’s […]Read More

Evolution Quote by John Henry Newman

EVOLUTION QUOTE BY JOHN HENRY NEWMAN “As to the Divine Design, is it not an instance of incomprehensibly and infinitely marvelous Wisdom and Design to have given certain laws to matter millions of ages ago, which have surely and precisely worked out, in the long course of those ages, those effects which He from the […]Read More

Creation Quotes From the Fathers of the Church

CREATION QUOTES FROM THE FATHERS OF THE CHURCH “For just as though some musician, having tuned a lyre, and by his art adjusted the high notes to the low, and the intermediate notes to the rest, were to produce a single tune as the result, so also the Wisdom of God, handling the Universe as […]Read More

Short Poem About God’s Creation

CREATIVE EVOLUTION SHORT POEM ABOUT GOD’S CREATION When God created us we really knoweth not. We know, for sure, He took five long days to make Sun, moon, Earth and seas, plants, animals the lot Oak trees, thrushes, tigers, crabs, hill, desert, lake. One other day spent to craft: a puzzle solved? His best creation, […]Read More