• September 13, 2021

Topics : New Year

New Year Resolution 2021

2021, have you thought about doing any new year resolution? On the internet you can find tons of ideas on what to do: applications that help you spend money wisely and make a budget; cook something new every week; read at least a book weekly; drink less alcohol, quit smoking;  start climbing the stairs instead […]Read More

Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

Did you promise yourself that you will stop eating that daily bar of chocolate as from 1st January but have already found yourself doing it again? This short article offers a word of hope for those particular moments when we find ourselves breaking new year’s resolutions. Breaking new year’s resolutions is so common that some […]Read More

New Year Christian Message on Newness and Hope

 New Year Christian message to foster newness and hope… We all desire newness! We don’t want to be stuck in a rut nor do we want to be conditioned by the past, especially by our mistakes. We feel that our past is littered with them and our future is still pure. In this sense our […]Read More

Great Bible Verses for New Year 2021

Discover God’s word for you this New Year 2021 from these Bible verses to renew your strength and hope about the future. May we be able to receive whatever life brings us this New Year from God’s hands. Happy New Year!  NY Bible Verse 1 – There Is Hope For A Better Future: “For surely […]Read More