• September 10, 2021

My Covid-19 Experience Poem

 My Covid-19 Experience Poem

Sarah Borg

Today, I resulted negative to Covid-19. This is a poem I wrote while I was in quarantine.

Poem: My Covid-19 Experience

I received the result on Valentine’s day…“of all days…why today?!”
Very mild symptoms; still didn’t feel okay.
I had exams to face, I felt afraid.
I dare say, I felt betrayed.
“After I made sure to stay safe,
why was it me who’d fallen prey?”

But then I thought, “just appreciate what’s still there”.
So I sat quietly and became aware
of the many people I know, who really care.
As days passed by, everyone gave their share.

One delivered groceries;
another said rosaries;
one sent a courier with accessories!
I even had support from overseas…

I thought, “it’s true, I lost two senses – both taste and smell,
but I have friends and family, who truly wish me well”.
I could not get out to run, as I usually do,
but I appreciated my dwelling, all clean and brand new.

I was stuck inside, all alone in my flat;
this gave me time to use my pink mat.
I started to work out indoors, using bodyweight,
and from sixty-nine kilos, I turned sixty-eight!

If we focus on the good,
then we’d have understood
all that living life is all about.
It’s not about having it all
but about learning to rise after every fall;

Not about avoiding all the pain,
but about turning a loss into a gain;
not about having sunny days time and again,
but about learning to dance, even in the rain.

The virus was not good for my health
but a bleak situation showed me great wealth.

A Covid-19 Experience Poem

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Sarah Borg

Sarah Borg is a lover of life and enjoys being around people. She also likes her time alone which she spends writing, painting and reading. Sarah describes herself as a lifelong learner. She holds a Diploma in Maltese and English and is currently reading for a B.A. in Social Wellbeing Studies.

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