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Litany Of Contradictory Things

LITANY OF CONTRADICTORY THINGSMichael Moynahan, SJ Wheat and weeds:       let them grow together. Arabs and Jews in Palestine:       let them grow together. Greeks and Turks of the Balkans:       let them grow together. Catholics and Protestants of Northern Ireland:       let them grow together. Pros and Contras of Central America:       let them grow together. Documented and […]Read More

For My Country Poem

A PRAYER FOR MY COUNRTYJoe Zammit Tabona O when tomorrow dawns let not this IsleSuffer contagion from all worldly dross,Forget its annalled glory and the CrossOr let its spirit sicken or its smile So may this land ‘neath azure skies full grownBe ever blest with sunlit happy days,Its morrows rooted deep in ancient waysIn patina […]Read More

Praying without words

<p><img class="scale-with-grid image-center" src="https:" alt="Trust" width="569" height="412">"Lord, I know that when I turn to you there is no need for words.<br> You can see into my heart.<br> You know my desires and you know my needs.<br> I place myself into your hands."</p> <p></p>Read More

Prayer Experience Idea

Dedicating time for prayer daily, has always been a priority in my life. I am aware of the importance of recollecting the fruits of the day, thanking Jesus for what I experienced and asking Him for strength for to face the following day. “I found myself trapped within the same circle of prayer” Unfortunately, however, […]Read More

Top Pope's Prayer Quotes

TOP POPE’S PRAYER QUOTES  1. Faith Begins With Prayer… “Faith’s inner pilgrimage towards God begins in prayer.”Pope Benedict 16th, Carmelites General Chapter, 2007 2. Praise Prayer Is Like Shouting When Your Team Scores… “We often leave aside the prayer of praise. It doesn’t come so easily to us. Some might think that this kind of prayer […]Read More

Inspirational Prayer Quotes

INSPIRATIONAL PRAYER QUOTES “The longing for God is terribly painful and yet darkness is becoming greater. What contradiction there is in my soul. The pain within is so great , that I don’t really feel anything Our Lady be my Mother in this darkness. Mother TeresaRead More

What Is Prayer?

Sr Catherine Seychell says,”prayer is the experience of being loved and appreciated for who I am! In my deep connectedness with the One who created me”. In this article she writes about what is prayer and how she experiences it. What a wonderful feeling it is to feel really known deeply and embraced in love […]Read More

Poem on “What is Prayer?”

in the morning, in the evening, any time. sitting, standing, kneeling, lying. at home, at work, at Church. in the silence of nature, in the busy city routine. planned, spontaneous. a personal and private process, with others in the community. …a space where God speaks …a space where God says nothing. a space where questions […]Read More

The Benefits of Prayer on the Physical and Psychological Well-Being

This article highlights the benefits of prayer on wellbeing. There is one age-old method that can help our physical and psychological well-being which is free, doesn’t require any prescription and has zero side effects. It is known as prayer. Millions of people around the world rely on it to see them through hard times. Prayer can take various forms […]Read More

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