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Between A Gay Catholic And God

The conversation below is written by a gay Catholic person expressing one’s feelings in the form of a dialogue with God based on the author’s real life experience. It can also serve as an invitation for others who are not in LGBTIQ circles to understand more what a person can go through when s/he starts  experiencing these […]Read More

My Response To Gay Pride Invitations

“Because I experience same-sex attractions, I get bombarded by that kind of stuff, and have been praying about how I can respond in a loving way, without compromising my faith. I have friends who are closely tied to LGBTQ movements, and I know in their hearts, they are truly doing what they think is best. […]Read More

LGBTIQ – Full Members Of The Catholic Community

Lesbain, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Intersex and Questioning Some people from this community fight for full equality, others prefer to lead chaste lives. Some join religious groups who try to change the teachings of the Church, others join Christian groups who feel comfortable to comply with Church teachings on LGBTIQ issues. Some have experienced bullying for […]Read More

Top Popes’ Quotes About Homosexuality

TOP POPES’ QUOTES ABOUT HOMOSEXUALITY 1. People Are More Than Their Sexual Tendencies “I am glad that we are talking about ‘homosexual people’ because before all else comes the individual person, in his wholeness and dignity. And people should not be defined only by their sexual tendencies: let us not forget that God loves all […]Read More

Why Does The Church Maintain That The Homosexual Inclination Must Be Seen As An "Objective Disorder"? – Catholic Stance On

Universe of Faith interviews Fr James Alison and Fr Mark Sultana, two Catholic priests who offer different perspectives on questions regarding homosexuality yet both agreeing that the Church cannot and does not want to speak about homosexuality as an illness. 1. You believe that the Church’s teachings on homosexuality are false. On what bases do you say this?  […]Read More

Blessed To Have A Gay Son!

When my 17-year old son ‘came out’ to me, he imagined the worst. He had listened to many sad stories before, of staunch Catholics not accepting their gay children. Yet, despite the odds, he had the courage and the love, to tell me anyway. Although my husband and I had to deal with the initial […]Read More

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