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Evasive Behaviour

This article explains what is evasive behaviour and how you can get out of it. Understanding Evasive Behaviour You are in the midst of a difficult and unpleasant task. You take out your mobile, and before you know it, you’ve spent 20 minutes on social networks. On another occasion, a painful memory comes to mind, […]Read More

Overcoming Fear – "Do Not Be Afraid"

This article helps you understand more what fear really is and how to deal with it… Fear that life will steal what’s important for you The labyrinth of fear has many twists and turns. It has a lot of mixed paths where you can easily get lost. Its peculiarity is that it is populated by […]Read More

Feeling Insecure – Love As The Greatest Security

INNER LABYRINTHS , FACING INNER ISSUES, FINDING FREEDOM “Feeling Insecure Scenario Imagine walking with your eyes covered in an area where, apart from some steady rocks, you know that there is also quicksand, sinkholes, puddles and even mines that can explode if you step on them. What fear, to go forward like this, trying to […]Read More

Desperately Seeking Certainty

INNER LABYRINTHS , FACING INNER ISSUES, FINDING FREEDOM Who does not like to decipher a mystery, or solve a problem, and come to understand something? In addition to the sense of satisfaction that comes from using the intellect that God gave us, it also gives us a sense of security. When faced once again with […]Read More

Unrealistic Expectations Of Others And Of Self

INNER LABYRINTHS , FACING INNER ISSUES, FINDING FREEDOM What you expect from others – “Sometimes the timing is different” One of the most complex paths that we have to travel in life is that of expectations. On the one hand, there is what you expect from others. You often find yourself excited, anxious. You expect […]Read More

Understanding The Meaning of Banality

INNER LABYRINTHS , FACING INNER ISSUES, FINDING FREEDOM Understanding The Meaning of Banality To say that something is banal is to say that it is dispensable, superficial, and inconsequential. In contemporary life there are many experiences that can be described as such. Banal is the obsession with image and physical appearance. The same can be […]Read More

How To Get Over A Mistake

INNER LABYRINTHS , FACING INNER ISSUES, FINDING FREEDOM Understanding the perfectionism labyrinth As human as it is to err, nobody likes it. Faced with this reality, there are two ways to proceed. There are those who, although they do not like it, accept error as an opportunity to learn and improve. On the other hand, […]Read More

Comparing Myself To Others – How To Stop

Comparing myself to others can be a good thing but it can also be harmful. This article explains when comparisons become dangerous and gives a few ideas on how to stop comparing. Understanding the Comparison Labyrinth “You are incomparable” is a phrase that could be said for each person inhabiting the earth. There is not, […]Read More

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