• September 13, 2021

Topics : Bioethics

Abortion Regret Poem: The Flower That Never Was

ABORTION REGRET POEM: THE FLOWER THAT NEVER WAS In fertile soil, a seed did fall and the gardener, unaware, nourished the soil and helped it sprout with accidental care. And all the wisdom of the earth was sealed around the hope that the tiny seed would claim its right and fulfil its given scope. With […]Read More

Infertility Personal Stories – 4 Short Stories of Acceptance & Hope

A man and three women share their personal stories of infertility, their different ways of looking at the treatment available for infertility, and their journey from disappointment to infertility acceptance and hope. Infertility Story 1: Marco Cremona , Journey From In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) To Adoption “Our decision to adopt was very fruitful” My wife and […]Read More

Top Popes’ Bioethics Quotes

TOP POPES’ BIOETHICS QUOTES Bio means life and ethics is concerned with values, what is right and wrong. Bioethics asks what is technologically possible, is it ethically permissible?  Catholic Bioethics topics include the value and significance of human life, the transmission of human life through new reproductive technologies, prenatal diagnosis and the right to life, sterilisation, […]Read More

Is the Morning After Pill Plan B Abortifacient?

In 2013 the German Bishops approved the use of Plan B in Catholic Hospitals in cases of rape with Vatican endorsement when this acts only as preventing ovulation. Pro-life organisations have often criticised this decision saying that research shows that this pill can also be abortifacient. In this interwiew, Dr John A. Di Camillo from […]Read More

Bioethics Quotes by Famous People

 BIOETHICS QUOTES BY FAMOUS PEOPLE Bioethics Quote 1: Euthanasia – Cicely Saunders “Suffering is only intolerable when nobody cares.” Cicely Saunders   Bioethics Quote 2: Respect for Human Life – Warnock Report “Scientists have always observed and agreed that once the process of development has begun, there is no part of the developmental process that […]Read More

"I Coped With an Unplanned Third Pregnancy" – Josephine

Josephine* related how she felt scared as she ended up in an unplanned pregnancy with her third child. Her therapist Eleanor Borg from Crisis Pregnancy Centre HOPE describes the process of adjusting that Josephine went through and how eventually she welcomed her child as a gift. “I am 23 years old. A year ago I got pregnant with my […]Read More

Religious Arguments Against Euthanasia

In this article Fr Paul Chetcuti presents religious arguments against euthanasia emphasising that life is a gift, and that one can live for others not only for oneself. The euthanasia debate is not only about mercy and love. It is also about one’s concept of life. You can look at life in a way to say I […]Read More