• September 13, 2021

Topics : Social Justice

Global Inequality During Covid-19 and Beyond

This pandemic has rocked the world we know. The word “Covid-19” has become known to all. We are now living in a different world. Our norms have changed. However, there is hope thanks to the vaccine. The lives and livelihoods of the less-educated and lower-paid classes have been threatened by the Covid pandemic more than […]Read More

Top Pope Francis’ Prison Quotes

TOP POPE FRANCIS’ PRISON QUOTES Pope Francis has made it a priority during his papacy to visit prisons and talk about them. Here are ten of his quotes.  1. Improve living conditions “With regard to prisoners, it would appear that in many cases practical measures are urgently needed to improve their living conditions, with particular […]Read More

4 Maltese Professionals Read Laudato Si- Laudato Si Week 2020

These four Maltese professionals from different sectors of society share a common passion, they love the environment, and they have all read Pope Francis’ letter On Care Of Our Common Home. On the occasion of Laudato Si Week 2020, 16th-24th May, they tells us what inspires them from this encyclical and its relevance in today’s […]Read More

How Toys Are Manufactured

This article gives a general overview of how toys are manufactured. The toy industry is an US$83 billion dollar global giant. Toys are in high demand all over the world, especially around Christmas time. In order to meet these demands there is a human and environmental cost. Child labour, worker deaths, suicide and eco-disasters are […]Read More

Catholic Social Justice Quotes From the Popes

CATHOLIC SOCIAL JUSTICE QUOTES FROM THE POPES 1. It is more important to love than to obey “Take care of the poor and the outcast! The Bible is full of these exhortations. The Lord says: it is not important to me that you do this or that, it is important to me that the orphan […]Read More

Prayer For Injustice

Prayer For Injustice In this heartfelt prayer for injustice, Mother Teresa prays for different categories of people who are suffering an injustice and prays for forgiveness of those who are unintentionally part of a system that perpetuates injustice. O God, we pray for all those in our world who are suffering from injustice: For those […]Read More

Inspirational Quotes for Social Justice

INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE Social Justice Quote 1 – St Vincent De Paul “I shouldn’t judge poor peasants, men and women, by their surface appearance, nor by their apparent mental capacities. And this is hard to do, since very frequently they scarcely seem to have the semblance or the intelligence of reasonable beings, so […]Read More

What Are the Themes in Catholic Social Justice Teachings

The main themes in the Catholic social justice teachings are: human identity, human rights, family, work, environment, economy, politics, the international community, peace. These themes form the social teaching of the Catholic Church which at its core brings the human person at the centre of each discussion. The Catholic social justice prinsiples teach that individual […]Read More