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Social Justice Inspirational Quotes

SOCIAL JUSTICE INSPIRATIONAL QUOTES   “The road towards social justice is made up of very small choices which we do in our daily life. It does not exclude the big deeds but in reality the small choices on a daily basis can change the world. Albert DebonoRead More

Top Popes' Quotes About Catholic Social Justice

TOP POPES’ QUOTES ABOUT CATHOLIC SOCIAL JUSTICE 1. It Is More Important To Love Than To Obey “Take care of the poor and the outcast! The Bible is full of these exhortations. The Lord says: it is not important to me that you do this or that, it is important to me that the orphan […]Read More

How Toys Are Manufactured

The toy industry is an US$83 billion dollar global giant. Toys are in high demand all over the world,  especially around Christmas time. In order to meet these demands there is a human and environmental cost. Child labour, worker deaths, suicide and eco-disasters are just some of the hidden cost of our treasured toys.1 Where […]Read More

What Are The Themes In Catholic Social Justice Teachings

The main themes of the Catholic social justice teachings are: human identity, human rights, family, work, environment, economy, politics, the international community, peace. These themes form the social teaching of the Catholic Church which at its core brings the human person at the centre of each discussion. The Catholic social justice principles teach that individual human beings are the […]Read More

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