• September 13, 2021

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Changes in the Catholic Church – The Context of Malta

In this interview, Gina Debattista, a Gestalt psychotherapist and senior visiting lecturer at the University of Malta, speaks about changes in the Catholic Church that she wishes to see. She also speaks of her hopes for a future Church made up of committed Catholics.   Change 1 –Social Justice as a necessary outcome of prayer […]Read More

What Makes a Catholic Church a True Basilica

A basilica is an architectural term for a certain style of building. The term basilica comes from a Greek word meaning regal or kingly. Over the centuries the Catholic Church has used basilica in this sense, with the pope granting the title Minor Basilica to a church that has unusual historical significance, or is especially sacred […]Read More

Loved and Welcomed Back to the Catholic Church

Rowena Calleja describes her journey. She did not believe in the God about whom she was taught in her childhood; a god of rules.  At 15 she decided that she had had enough of this  God and of the Catholic Church. Years later, through an encounter with a true friend whom she met at a […]Read More

Pope Benedict 16th on the Future of the Church

POPE BENEDICT 16th ON THE FUTURE OF THE CHURCH The future of the Church after crisis: smaller, more spiritual, man’s home Below are Pope Benedict’s remarks on the future of the Catholic Church broadcasted on a 1969 German radio program and recorded in the book Joseph Ratzinger, Faith and the Future, Ignatius Press, 2009: “The future of the Church can and will […]Read More

Restoring and Rebuilding the Church

This article, written by a Catholic lawyer, describes the negative effects of the shocking crimes that the Catholic Church is experiencing and what needs to be done with regards to restoring and rebuilding the Church so she can be an authentic Church giving a good service to the faithful. At this time, when much has […]Read More

The Malta Village Festa – It’s Pros and Cons

The strengths and weaknesses of the Malta village festa This is an interview with Fr Jonathan Farrugia a festa lover, who has experienced the organisation of a number of festas in various parishes around Malta and Jesuit Fr Paul Chetcuti. The Jesuits in Malta do not have any parishes and therefore are quite outsiders when […]Read More

What Every Church Should Do About Poverty

In the past few years, we have seen Pope Francis make changes to the luxurious lifestyle associated with Popes, such as: keeping the same pectoral cross as when he was bishop instead of getting a new one, wearing simple shoes, living in an apartment, paying for his new spectacles etc. Fr David Cortis OSA who […]Read More

Top Pope Francis’ Quotes About The Church

TOP POPE FRANCIS’ QUOTES ABOUT THE CHURCH 1. Let’s Be A Welcoming Church  “The Church is called to be the house of the Father, with doors always wide open. One concrete sign of such openness is that our church doors should always be open, so that if someone, moved by the Spirit, comes there looking for […]Read More

Short Church Quotes by Famous People

SHORT CHURCH QUOTES BY FAMOUS PEOPLE Church Quote 1 – Oliver Friggieri “The Church may have let us down, but the same fundamental principles for which she stands still beckon.” Oliver Friggieri Church Quote 2 – Stephen Colbert “I love my church , warts and all. Are there flaws in the Church? Absolutely. But is […]Read More