• September 12, 2021

Sarah Borg

Sarah Borg is a lover of life and enjoys being around people. She also likes her time alone which she spends writing, painting and reading. Sarah describes herself as a lifelong learner. She holds a Diploma in Maltese and English and is currently reading for a B.A. in Social Wellbeing Studies.

My Covid-19 Experience Poem

Today, I resulted negative to Covid-19. This is a poem I wrote while I was in quarantine. Poem: My Covid-19 Experience I received the result on Valentine’s day…“of all days…why today?!” Very mild symptoms; still didn’t feel okay. I had exams to face, I felt afraid. I dare say, I felt betrayed. “After I made […]Read More

Pope Francis World Youth Day Quotes

POPE FRANCIS WORLD YOUTH DAY QUOTES 1. God Expects Something From Each One Of Us “God expects something from you. Have you understood this? God expects something from you, God wants something from you. God hopes in you. God comes to break down all our fences. He comes to open the doors of our lives, […]Read More

Teaching English as a Foreign Language – a Touching Experience

Sarah Borg, an EFL teacher, highlights the differences between teaching English to summer students and teaching English to refugees in Malta. I had completed the course in Teaching English to Foreign Learners. I had found a job teaching English with a renowned school in Malta. I was set to start teaching, very enthusiastic and fully […]Read More

Being True to Oneself – Sarah’s Experience

In this article Sarah writes about her own challenges of being true to oneself and how slowly she is widening her perspective to learn more in this area. I’ve always approached my past relationships, both friendships but mostly romantic relationships, in very much the same manner I would approach an interview. I want to show […]Read More

Deep Love Poem – What is Love?

DEEP LOVE POEM: WHAT IS LOVE? This poem about deep love describes how multifaceted love is. It describes both love between people and love as a feeling and experience. Love cannot be described or explained in words. A person can experience love and know it is love; one can give love and feel s/he has […]Read More

A Poem About Who Am I

POEM: SHH! – A POEM ABOUT WHO AM I In this poem the poet describes negative thoughts she has about herself and for each thought she finds a positive answer. I feel like a failure: pathetic and inadequate. Shh! I am very emotionally literate. I know I can be socially awkward: easily intimidated and shy. […]Read More

Prayer Experience Idea

Dedicating time for prayer daily, has always been a priority in my life. I am aware of the importance of recollecting the fruits of the day, thanking Jesus for what I experienced and asking Him for strength for to face the following day. “I found myself trapped within the same circle of prayer” Unfortunately, however, […]Read More