• September 13, 2021

Topics : Single Parenting

Single Parents’ Prayer

SINGLE PARENTS’ PRAYER This single parents’ prayer poem asks God for support, guidance, wisdom and strength. I know that, God, You’ve not ordained a family to be led by one, but there’s no way to change the past or undo what has been done. And so, dear Lord, I come today for Strength and Guidance […]Read More

The Popes About Single Parenting

THE POPES ABOUT SINGLE PARENTING “In the context of formation in chastity, “fatherhood-motherhood” also includes one parent who is left alone and adoptive parents. The task of a single parent is certainly not easy because the support of the other spouse and the role and example of a parent of the other sex is lacking. God […]Read More

Coping With Marriage Breakdown – Anna’s Experience

 Anna Micallef, a separated woman shares her experience of coping with marriage breakdown and her journeying from deep loneliness to peace. I only had 24 years when my ex-husband told me “I’ve had enough of marriage! I had long been hearing these words but on that day, which I remember clearly, he told our two […]Read More

Supporting Single Mothers – Ġużeppa Debono Home

Universe of Faith interviewed Ms Maria Attard, Director of Ġużeppa Debono Home in Gozo, a residential home for supporting single mothers and a hub for educational activities for the young generation. This home has offered its services successfully for almost 40 yrs. Maria Attard has been chosen as one of the women inspiring Europe in […]Read More