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What Makes Most People Happy

What’s in happiness? Counselling psychologist and CARITAS Malta director Dr Anthony Gatt says that what makes most people happy are when people have some money, invest in relationships, lead a simple lifestyle, live with appreciation and acceptance, are altruistic, have a good laugh and have a meaning for living.  #Happiness 1: Adequate Means To Go […]Read More

Prayer For Fear Of Abandonment

A PRAYER FOR THE FEAR OF ABANDONMENT In your punctured, swollen head In your scourge-torn flesh In the gaping holes of your hands and feet but above all In your lacerated side I lay my fear of abandonment The fear, fear, fear Chasing me in the foggy darkness I run sightless onward breathless I run worshipping what […]Read More

"I Faced My Fear Of Being Unloved" – Facing The Fear Of Rejection

This short article aims to make the reader aware of the roots of rejection, the fear of being unloved and give a spiritual response to encourage the reader to delve more into this topic. It is based on the writer’s own experience of facing fear in her life, which she did through the psychological programme ASCA […]Read More

Top Pope Benedict Mental Health Quotes

TOP POPE BENEDICT 16TH MENTAL HEALTH QUOTES 1. The situation of mental health in the world “The problems connected with mental disturbance that now afflicts one-fifth of humanity and is a real social-health care emergency.” 2. To workers and volunteers in the mental health sector “I commend pastoral workers and voluntary associations and organisations to support […]Read More

Prayer For Wellbeing

POEM: SHORT PRAYER FOR WELLBEINGEdmund Pace Lord grant me serenityAnd in your wisdom peaceTo render unto world, goodWhat wrong it gave me cease Lord in your unending patienceMake fit what I do badTo enter through to HeavenHeart happy and mind glad Lord I have to thank youFor all that you bestowFor all the twists untwistedFor […]Read More

What Role Does Spirituality Play In Mental Health?

Dr Michael Galea replies that both research and experience show that taking into consideration one’s spirituality is crucial to offer a holistic treatment contribute to the wellbeing of a person experiencing mental health issues. “Increasingly, both human experience and empirically based evidence strongly suggest that wellbeing is to be holistic in scope in order to be truly valid, with […]Read More

My Psychosis Recovery: Love, Medicine & Faith

Nicole Casha* from Malta, talks about her successful recovery story from two psychotic episodes which she experienced once as a teenager and another as a young adult and how through support and medication she managed to get back on her feet.  “I came at a point where I lost my job, my boyfriend, my physical health, […]Read More

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