• September 13, 2021

Topics : Mental Wellbeing

Brilliant Message by Fernando Pessoa not Pope Francis

This brilliant message about being happy is a loose English translation of  “Palco de vida” attributed to the Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa (1888-1935) not Pope Francis as some online posts have attributed. I have searched the Vatican website but this text is nowhere to be seen. In this link the author discusses the authorship of […]Read More

What Makes Most People Happy

What’s in happiness? Counselling psychologist and CARITAS Malta director Dr Anthony Gatt says that what makes most people happy are when people have some money, invest in relationships, lead a simple lifestyle, live with appreciation and acceptance, are altruistic, have a good laugh and have a meaning for living.  #Happiness 1: Adequate Means To Go […]Read More

Prayer for Fear of Abandonment

A PRAYER FOR THE FEAR OF ABANDONMENT This prayer poem describes the fear of abandonment and the relief found in the person of Jesus Christ. It was written during difficult times of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition experienced by many survivors of child abuse. In your punctured, swollen head In your scourge-torn flesh In the […]Read More

Top Pope Benedict Mental Health Quotes

TOP POPE BENEDICT 16TH MENTAL HEALTH QUOTES 1. The situation of mental health in the world “The problems connected with mental disturbance that now afflicts one-fifth of humanity and is a real social-health care emergency.” 2. To workers and volunteers in the mental health sector “I commend pastoral workers and voluntary associations and organisations to support […]Read More

Short Prayer for Wellbeing

POEM: SHORT PRAYER FOR WELLBEING Lord grant me serenity And in your wisdom peace To render unto world, good What wrong it gave me cease Lord in your unending patience Make fit what I do bad To enter through to Heaven Heart happy and mind glad Lord, I have to thank you For all that […]Read More

The Role of Spirituality in Mental Health

Updated 30th May 2020 On the role of spirituality in mental health Dr Michael Galea explains that both research and experience show that taking into consideration one’s spirituality is crucial to offer a holistic treatment contribute to the wellbeing of a person experiencing mental health issues. Research has established a consistent relationship between important life […]Read More

Psychosis Recovery Story: Medicine, Love & Faith

Nicole Casha* from Malta, talks about her successful psychosis recovery story from two psychotic episodes which she experienced once as a teenager and another as a young adult and how through support and medication she managed to get back on her feet.  “I came at a point where I lost my job, my boyfriend, my […]Read More

Mental Health Quotes By Famous People

MENTAL HEALTH QUOTES BY FAMOUS PEOPLE Mental Health Quote 1 – Gary Zukav “When you welcome your emotions as teachers, every emotion brings good news, even the ones that are painful.” Gary Zukav Mental Health Quote 2 – Jean Vanier “Depression is a painful reality, a crisis, but at the same time crisis can bring […]Read More