• September 12, 2021

Suzanne Vella

Suzanne Vella has a Masters' Degree in Theology, a Diploma in Spirituality and a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

The Difference Jesus Makes in my Life

As we will soon celebrate Jesus’ birth we asked a few people around: “What difference does Jesus make in your life?” Here are their answers which they shared to make more visible for themselves and others the joy and hope informing their lives. Difference 1 – “Jesus Gives Me Energy & Meaning” “In my life […]Read More

Holy Family Sculpture – By Indri Attard

Indri Attard likes to be original. He browses on the internet to see what Holy Family sculptures are available. Then he makes sure that his is completely different. In this interview Indri Attard talks about his commissioned work of a Holy Family sculpture and the meaning behind it. Holy Family Sculpture – Mary in her […]Read More

Meet Christina – The Traveller With a Purpose

Christina Gatt from Malta is a traveller with a purpose. Christina is passionate about travel. She spends one month each year as a holiday visiting here and there as a tourist with a local tourist guide. What’s special about Christina is that she spends a day or two helping the needy of the place. She says […]Read More

Ten Educational & Spiritual Music Benefits for Students

Ten educational and spiritual benefits of music based on the experience of choirmistress and piano teacher Sr Vania Bonello ASGM  who has been working in the choir ministry field with students at St Monica’s School in Malta since 2004. 1. Music resonates what’s deep within  “Whether one sings, plays an instrument, or simply appreciates music, it […]Read More

Plato’s Dream Machine – “We Are Not a Secular Band”

Plato’s Dream Machine is a Maltese band that has evolved from folk to an alternative rock music band, its origins dating back to 2009. Plato’s Dream Machine is currently composed of four artists Robert Farrugia Flores (Bob), Mark Abela (iz-Zizza), Francesco Sultana (Ċikku) and Samwel Grima. Samwel the guitarist/bassist of the band studied anthropology at […]Read More

How to Teach Children About Faith – by Bishop Mario Grech

Here are five of Bishop Mario Grech’s ideas for parents on how to teach children about faith from one of his homilies entitled – a renewed catechesis. Faith-Sharing Idea 1 – Believe In Your Own Imperfect Family And Connect Faith To Life Bishop Mario felt sure enough to say that “even the most dysfunctional family is […]Read More

Infertility Personal Stories – 4 Short Stories of Acceptance & Hope

A man and three women share their personal stories of infertility, their different ways of looking at the treatment available for infertility, and their journey from disappointment to infertility acceptance and hope. Infertility Story 1: Marco Cremona , Journey From In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) To Adoption “Our decision to adopt was very fruitful” My wife and […]Read More