• September 16, 2021

Suzanne Vella

Suzanne Vella has a Masters' Degree in Theology, a Diploma in Spirituality and a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Maria Teresa Spinelli – Her Life Story

Maria Teresa Spinelli was an Italian woman who journeyed from a separated woman to a head of school. She became foundress of the Congregation of Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary. In October 2016, Pope Francis advanced the cause of sainthood. He remarked that Maria Teresa Spinelli lived a life of heroic virtues and declared her “venerable”. […]Read More

"I Went to World Youth Day" – What is World Youth Day all About?

“You can’t really explain it, you have to be there to understand it,” says Anna Whitehead, a young Londoner from the Diocese of Westminster who attended World Youth Day 2016 in Poland.  World Youth Day is about good memories, good input and interesting discoveries “My head abuzz with crazy memories, snippets of talks, and interesting […]Read More

Why Are People Refugees?

UNDERSTANDING REFUGEES WHO IS A REFUGEE? WHY ARE PEOPLE REFUGEES? A refugee is a person who flees his country for safety or survival. Reasons for fleeing one’s country and becoming a refugee include war, genocide and/or ethnic cleansing, abuse of human rights or opposition to the government, natural disasters like drought or economic crisis and […]Read More

"I Lived With Mother Teresa" – Mother Teresa Personality Traits

This article brings out Mother Teresa’s  personality traits. This is an interview with Jesuit Fr Paul Chetcuti who lived with Mother Teresa for five months working in Mother Teresa’s homes run by the Missionaries of Charity and at the Sisters Mother House. Mother Teresa’s ministry arrived at a critical moment in Calcutta’s history, in the late 1940s, when […]Read More

How Toys Are Manufactured

This article gives a general overview of how toys are manufactured. The toy industry is an US$83 billion dollar global giant. Toys are in high demand all over the world, especially around Christmas time. In order to meet these demands there is a human and environmental cost. Child labour, worker deaths, suicide and eco-disasters are […]Read More

Supporting Single Mothers – Ġużeppa Debono Home

Universe of Faith interviewed Ms Maria Attard, Director of Ġużeppa Debono Home in Gozo, a residential home for supporting single mothers and a hub for educational activities for the young generation. This home has offered its services successfully for almost 40 yrs. Maria Attard has been chosen as one of the women inspiring Europe in […]Read More

Catholic Stance on LGBT

CATHOLIC STANCE ON LGBT In this interview, Fr James Alison and Fr Mark Sultana, two Catholic priests, offer different perspectives on questions regarding homosexuality yet both agreeing that the Church cannot and does not want to speak about homosexuality as an illness. 1. You believe that the Church’s teachings on homosexuality are false. On what […]Read More

"I Coped With an Unplanned Third Pregnancy" – Josephine

Josephine* related how she felt scared as she ended up in an unplanned pregnancy with her third child. Her therapist Eleanor Borg from Crisis Pregnancy Centre HOPE describes the process of adjusting that Josephine went through and how eventually she welcomed her child as a gift. “I am 23 years old. A year ago I got pregnant with my […]Read More

What Is Human Dignity – Anna Halpine

Founder of the World Youth Alliance Anna Halpine  says that human dignity is “the deepest sense of the reality of who we are and nothing we do can take away that dignity from us. Human dignity is this worth in value that every person has as a human being. The great adventure of human life is to try and […]Read More

Meet The Down-to-Earth FCJ Nun MaryAnne Francalanza

Meet FCJ nun Sr MaryAnne Francalanza – the young woman from Malta who felt she might not fit in a convent, but wanted to live a spiritual life full-time. This interview is divided into 4 topics – God, vows, social justice and vocation. God: How do you relate to God?  God is the faithful and constant […]Read More