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The Difference Jesus Makes in my Life

 The Difference Jesus Makes in my Life

As we will soon celebrate Jesus’ birth we asked a few people around: “What difference does Jesus make in your life?” Here are their answers which they shared to make more visible for themselves and others the joy and hope informing their lives.

Difference 1“Jesus Gives Me Energy & Meaning”

The difference Jesus makes in my life “In my life it makes the difference of finding the energy to go the extra mile when my energies are long gone… to forgive and not brood…to hope. Without the love and companionship of Jesus my life and work would lose their meaning. Because he became one like me, there is nothing in my human life that cannot relate me to Him… in my pains and joys I find His love! The Eucharist is Living Presence that renews and enkindles my life.”
Alda Anastasi, Homeopath from Malta

Difference 2 – “I Feel Blessed”

Christmas Light Star “When I get up each morning to the sound of nature followed by my childrens’ voices, laughter & fights, I feel them as a blessing that God has granted me.
Who am I to deserve this?
Believing in Him gives me courage to face the day.
Knowing that He’s there to watch over us puts my mind at rest.”
Claudia Cini , Author from Malta

Difference 3 – “My Belief In Him Allows Me To Keep Calm”

Christmas Light “Due to the hurried life we are living it is very easy to forget Jesus in our daily life, however when I do stop to reflect on the day I have ahead of mine and how best I should live it, Jesus immediately springs to my mind.
My belief in Him allows me to keep calm and also to carry out my duties in the best way possible.”
Cyril Spiteri Staines, Lecturer from Malta

Difference 4 – “Jesus Gives Me Positivity”

Christmas Light Star “My belief in Jesus gives me the courage to face my everyday challenges,
knowing that He is with me at all times.
I look at life positively,
because I know that everything I look at,
has been planned out by Him.”
Dawn Powell, Video Editor from Malta

Difference 5 – “Jesus Formed Me Into A Better Person”

Christmas Light“Jesus is what has formed me to be in who I am today.
Perfect? Absolutely not!
Trying to letting Him forming me into a better person, everyday.
Whilst hoping to help others discover Him and themselves.
It is a treasure worth living for.”
David Dye, Lab Technician from Malta

Difference 6 – “Jesus Gives Me Constant Companionship”

Christmas Light Star “God is a constant companion, whose guiding hand is often unseen, and yet, His presence give peace and certainty at all times, even in the most adverse of circumstances.
While I may not be perfect, and easily distracted,
I am called to love unconditionally, and in seeking to do so, I emulate Jesus whose sacrifice delivered me into God’s Grace.
Steven Mifsud, Programme Officer from Malta

Difference 7 – “Jesus Gives Me Inner Tranquility”

Christmas Light“Believing in Jesus in my daily life makes a great difference to my well-being. This belief in Jesus, God the Son made Man for us, fills me with peace in a turbulent world – my inner tranquility is untouched by all the unpleasant episodes I witness around me. I feel His love protecting me and, I acknowledge that without God in focus, life would have been much worse. He is the light in the darkness.”
Maria Cordina, Retired Administrator from Malta

Difference 8 – “He Challenges My Selfish ways”

Christmas Light Star“I realise that there is nothing but truth in Jesus’ words. He has changed my life (in a good way of course!) so dramatically. I love living for him now, and how he keeps on challenging me to love others unselfishly the way he loved us. I believe in Jesus because even the “bad times”; are not that bad only because I know Jesus is there and is providing.”
May, Student from the United States

Difference 9 – “I Know That I Am Loved”

Christmas Light
“The difference Jesus makes in my life is that each day and in all situations, I know that I am loved unconditionally in very special ways.”

Antoinette Boutros, Psychotherapist from Lebanon


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