• January 25, 2021

Topics : Faith

10 Famous, Faithful, Practising, Christian Celebrities

Are fame and power contrary to a life of faith, or do they help believers develop their relationship with God? This is a list of 10 famous, practising Christian celebrities who make space for faith in their careers. 1. Faith in the Wild, Anglican , Bear Grylls You would expect a man dropped in the wild with nothing but a […]Read More

The Political Dimension Of Faith

Profs. Oliver Friggieri reflects on faith as a matter of life and its effect on politics in the Maltese context Can the Constitution ignore a major collective dimension such as faith? Is culture complete without its transcendental component? Is there art which is not intrinsically religious? Is it possible for a political party to claim that […]Read More

My Grandma’s Faith

Darren Bonnici relates his memories of his Grandma’s faith and way of life. Grandma Carm – a commoner, a special woman, and a woman of faith. 7th August 2014. Today, at 1:45pm, my grandma, passed away to eternal life. When I was ten years old, I was at her home. She received a telephone call […]Read More

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