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10 Famous, Faithful, Practising, Christian Celebrities

 10 Famous, Faithful, Practising, Christian Celebrities

Are fame and power contrary to a life of faith, or do they help believers develop their relationship with God? This is a list of 10 famous, practising Christian celebrities who make space for faith in their careers.

Bear Gryllis1. Faith in the Wild, Anglican , Bear Grylls

You would expect a man dropped in the wild with nothing but a swiss-kinfe, to pray a lot. However, star survivor Bear Grylls admits that faith is not about finding safe escape in times of need but about finding joy and the sense of being held. http://tinyurl.com/327xhey

Wayne Rooney2. Rooney’s Religion, Catholic , Wayne Rooney

Asked by a journalist about the rosary around his neck, Wayne Rooney replied “It’s my religion . Although the interview was swiftly interruped by a media officer on behalf of the team, the striker’s blunt answer reveals just enough about the English Football captain’s faith. http://tinyurl.com/zd7l5qp

Queen Elizabeth 2nd3. Served by the Queen, Anglican , Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II reigns over more than 140 million people across the globe, from the UK to Grenada and from the Solomon Islands to Canada. The Queen is one of the most popular and longest-reigning monarchs ever, yet in no uncertain terms she declares Jesus “the King she serves .  http://tinyurl.com/jf7an8y

Christian Celebrities - Stephen Colbert4. Comedian, Actor, TV Host, Catholic , Stephen Colbert

Featured twice in Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people, Stephen Colbert is a familiar face on American TV. When he is not impersonating Donald Trump, you’ll find him engaged in a mocking discussion with some untouchable. Known for his biting wit, Colbert believes that Jesus, too, has a sense of humour and that the Church is a joyful sign of God. http://tinyurl.com/jy9fahc

Babe Ruth5. Hall of Faith, Catholic , Babe Ruth

Arguably the greatest baseball player of all times, Babe Ruth admits that for him “knowledge of God was a big crossroads . Eventually, the Pitcher found comfort in God’s embrace and revealed that even when he was away from the Church, he would still drop to his knees in prayer. http://tinyurl.com/hll8l7k


Christian Celebrities - Nicole Kidman6. Welcome to the Family, Catholic , Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman considers the Catholic Church as part of her “essence and was keen on baptising her own daughter, Sunday Rose. The actress was clearly moved by the simple and “beautiful ceremony in a small church outside of Siena, Italy. http://tinyurl.com/hz7tsyf

Tim Tebow7. God’s Quarterback, Evangelical , Tim Tebow

One of the best-knowns of American Football, Tim Tebow, divides opinion on his sporting qualities. But when it comes to concrete acts of charity, everyone agrees on the quarterback’s generosity of spirit. Tebow finds inspiration in the Word of God, creating a sensation when he used to write bible verses on his eye black during games. http://tinyurl.com/hhrsqs4

Christian Celebrities - Joe Biden8. Faith in the Oval Office, Catholic , Joe Biden

Joe Biden became the first Catholic Vice President of the US, serving under Obama’s two terms. Facing the situations in world’s most powerful office, Biden finds “solace in his religion. He also admits that his faith carried him through his most terrible experience, his son’s slow death. http://tinyurl.com/hgvhx7r

Kate Ziegler9. Freestyle Faith , Kate Ziegler

Long-distance freestyle swimmer Kate Ziegler has won 15 medals in international competitions, but knows that her success does not only rely on her abilities. The American sees her skills in the pool as a gift from God and recites a scripture verse each time before jumping in. https://patchworkheart.podbean.com/e/young-catholics-respond-kate-ziegler/

Steve Carell10. Faith on Camera, Catholic , Steve Carell

Actor Steve Carell claims that although his adherence to the Church is “casual , he actively maintains it. The comdian feels that he has been shaped by his Catholic faith and Meryl Streep observes an “uncommon openness and humanity about him. http://tinyurl.com/d8kuvkn

Compiled by Nathanael Muscat

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