• September 10, 2021

Poem – A Prayer for My Country

 Poem – A Prayer for My Country


O when tomorrow dawns let not this Isle
Suffer contagion from all worldly dross,
Forget its annalled glory and the Cross
Or let its spirit sicken or its smile

So may this land ‘neath azure skies full grown
Be ever blest with sunlit happy days,
Its morrows rooted deep in ancient ways
In patina full clad as on its stone;

Gozo Coast, Malta

Great be its people and their heads held high,
Their hearts at peace and gentle as of old,
Model of races as in story told
Though semblance and humility belie;

And keep her, Great God, e’er free and sublime.
By man and nature loved, to end of time.


Dr Joseph Zammit Tabona

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