• October 21, 2020

Daily Prayers

 Daily Prayers

Image by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz from Pixabay


These  daily prayers below are taken from the youth prayer book YOUCAT.
The text of each prayer can be found beneath each image.

Morning Prayer

Morning Prayer – I let My Joy Free (full-text)

I let my joy free,
like a bird, up to the sky.
The night has flown by, and I delight in the light.
Lord, I am happy this day, this morning.
The birds and the angels are singing, and I rejoice as well.
The universe and our hearts are open to your grace.
I feel my body alive,
and give thanks.

Lord, I delight in creation,
and the knowledge that you are behind it,
and beside, and before, and above it.
And in us too.
The Psalms sing of your love,
the prophets proclaim it,
and we experience it.

I let my joy free, like a bird, up to the sky.
A new day, that glistens and rustles
and rejoices with your love.
You make each day,
and each day you number
the curls on my head.

Allelulia, Lord.

A prayer from Africa

Mid-Day Prayer – Sometimes, For A Moment

Sometimes, for a moment,
I pause,
in the midst of the troubles of the day;
I close my eyes and ears,
and for a moment I am happy;
for I am not alone;
You are there, my God. Amen.


Daily Prayers - Evening

Evening Prayer – Into Your Hands, Dear Lord

“Into your hands, dear Lord, I return this day.
You have given it to me, now I give it back to you.
Preserve in me 
what you have given me.
May the seed sprout that you have sown today,
and may you complete what I was only able to begin.”

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