• September 10, 2021

Poem About Being Away From Home

 Poem About Being Away From Home

Artwork by Lida Sherafatmand


In this poem about being away from home, the poet describes the many places and people who feel home for us and how life can change or separate us from them all except from the Ultimate One.


The first home is the womb,
They cut our connection of umbilical cord,

The second separation is the parental protection,
As life cuts our parents’ protection,

Then separations come from Our first loves,
As reality fights illusion,

Then separation from our home comes,
As the politics go to war,

Then separations from our friends come,
As egos’ go to lost fights,

So where is the connection?

Beyond the umbilical cord cut,
Beyond the parental protection not there,
Beyond the birth home land taken far away,
Beyond the first loves’ illusions,
Beyond the friends’ separated egos,

There is always you,
The life within you,
The Heavenly father,
The Heavenly mother,
The temple of your body,
The vastness of your spirit,

Carrying the soul of all Life,
The life of the umbilical cord,
The life of the parents,
The life of the first loves,
The life of the birth land,
The life of the friends,

Separations are but the surface changes,
For nothing can separate you,
From this universe you are a part of,
The Ultimate Home anyone has known.

Separations are the surfaces,
Like the changing colours of the seasons,
The leaves fall from the tree, But the life of the tree is there,
In continual life.

Separations are but the surface changes,
Nothing can separate you
From this universe you are a part of…
Feel it, see it, live it, enjoy it,
Let separations be just the changes of
The leaves on the trees,
Which let the tree grow to its different forms of life.


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Lida Sherafatmand


Lida Sherafatmand is a fine artist and writer who was born in Iraq but now lives in Malta.

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