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Modern Easter Poem: One Solitary Word

MODERN EASTER POEM: ONE SOLITARY WORD In this poem the poet describes how Mary Magdalene realised that the man she saw was Jesus the risen one when he called her name. She also hopes that at the end of her own life she will also hear Jesus call her name. There’s only one sound I […]Read More

The Death of My Brother

This experience, “the death of my brother” is a true story related by a supportive sister who says “it was a privilege” to have helped her younger brother die well as she accompanied him during a terminal illness. It must have been late October or early November when I braced myself: “How long does he […]Read More

Cancer Experience – When Cancer Hits Your Brother

A supportive sister shares her experience of accompanying her very own brother through his cancerexperience. She relates how despite her initial suffering with the news, eventually she felt that this cancer experience became “a gift” in her life. We had always been very close, and his heart-breaking illness and passing away afforded me great anguish. […]Read More

The Death of My Old Mother

In this article “The Death of My Old Mother”, her daughter recounts how she has experienced the death of her mother and its aftermath. Two days after Christmas, she had not woken at half-past six, as usual, to recite the rosary with the radio, and then, hear mass through the same medium. “Mother . . […]Read More

Finding God in Literature

For me personally, God’s most clear and most effective conduit of his Spirit has always been literature. “Lord . . . culture, custom, art, science, literature, can all serve as conduits of your Spirit . . .”  This is part of a prayer in my Lent and Easter book.  Books have always been my great […]Read More

"In My Family We Never Pray, We Never Find Time For It"

We had been in the same class at secondary school. She was then a beautiful, extremely lively teenager, and quite popular. Her family was well-off: her father, a successful businessman. All along the years she spent at school with me, she had been burdened with the responsibility of three younger siblings, but she managed them […]Read More