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Bioethics Quotes by Famous People

 Bioethics Quotes by Famous People


Cicely SaundersBioethics Quote 1: EuthanasiaCicely Saunders

“Suffering is only intolerable when nobody cares.”
Cicely Sau


Bioethics Quote 2: Respect for Human Life Warnock Report

“Scientists have always observed and agreed that once the process of development has begun, there is no part of the developmental process that is more important than any other; all are parts of a continuous process.”
Warnock Report, London (1984)


Dr Rebecca KeisslingBioethics Quote 3: Morning After Pill Rebecca Keissling

“I was conceived in rape. I love my life. Taking the morning after pill can be like shooting in the dark. You don’t know if there’s a human being in there or not.”
Dr Rebecca Keissling


Fr Angelo Serra SJBioethics Quote 4: Beginning of Human Life Angelo Serra

“From this precise moment (the fusion of the gametes, syngamy) a new cell is active within which a highly complex cascade of processes clearly shows that the two gametes no longer work as two independent systems but on the contrary, that a new system has been constituted which works as a unit, that is a new being ontologically one. This new entity is biologically defined as a zygote or unicellular embryo.”
Fr Angelo Serra SJ, “When did I begin? – A scientific view”, Melita Theologica, 1997.


Bioethics Quote 5: Organ Transplantation Wesley J.SmithWesley J. Smith

“In Belgium medicalised killing is now coupled with organ harvesting,including of the mentally ill. Health care rationing, which is blatant and invidious medical discrimination, is a growing threat. Advocacy continues to discard the dead donor rule in organ transplant medicine, even proposals for the live-harvesting of patients with profound cognitive disabilities.”
Wesley J. Smith


Joanna RoseBioethics Quote 6: Sperm DonationJoanna Rose

“At 6 I realised that I looked very different from other family members. I asked my mum “are you really my mum, is my dad really my dad?” It hurts that you can’t meet your real dad, feel loved and acknowledged by him. My parents did not even want to be in the same room, let alone in the same bed. I don’t agree with sperm donation for this reason – you shouldn’t have a baby with someone you don’t love, let alone with someone you don’t know. I am the product of that.”
Joanna Rose Read more


Lucetta ScaraffiaBioethics Quote 7: SurrogacyLucetta Scaraffia

“Never to use the egg of the mother that rents, but to acquire it from another woman (means) that the maternal figure is definitively destroyed, splintered in pieces…”
Lucetta Scaraffia


Bioethics Quote 8: Surrogacy – Swedish Women’s LobbySwedish Women's Lobby

“Experiences from countries where altruistic surrogacy is legal, such as Great Britain, the Netherlands and the United States, show that when altruistic surrogacy has been legalised, commercialisation has ensued.”
The Swedish Women’s Lobby


Judith Jarvis ThomsonBioethics Quote 9: Abortion – Judith Jarvis Thomson

“Every person has a right to life. So the fetus has a right to life. No doubt the mother has a right to decide what shall happen in her body: everyone would grant that. But surely a person’s right to life is stronger and more stringent than the mother’s right to decide what happens in and to her body, and so it outweighs it. So the fetus may not be killed: an abortion may not be performed.”
Judith Jarvis Thomson

John FinnisBioethics Quotes 10: Embryo freezing or storage – John Finnis

“Any form of freezing or other storage with genuine and definite prospect of a subsequent transfer, unimpaired, to the proper mother is unjust unless done as a measure to save the embryo in an unexpected emergency. Any procedure whereby embryos are brought into being with a view to selecting among them the fittiest or most desireable for transfer and implantation involves a radically unjust and maleficent intention, however good its further motivations.”
John Finnis 


Biothics quotes - true equality allows all to be born


Bioethics quotes

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