• September 10, 2021

Poem – Describing God

 Poem – Describing God


In this poem Describing God, the poet highlights God’s generosity, kindness and comfort giving

God has a heart as big as outer space,
a hoard from where all gifts are distributed
deserved or undeserved. Kibbutz of grace.

He is a plant where all impurities are filtered;
a whitewash, that painted on the tarnish,
refreshes look and feel. Hides each and every weal.

A station where pilgrims, stressed at best, may
freely come for comfort, rest, refuel and restart.
A privilege by way of their Christian DNA.

Crossroad that I have reached so many times.
Truth, that like a fool, I mistook for intellectual
censure and ignored its kind dispenser.

Black box that I look for, rummaging among
the ruins of a journey that started  on a high,
seeking answers to the how come and the why.

From the book: In Her Element, 2014.
Other writings of Therese Pace can be found on her website.


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Therese Pace


Therese Pace is an award winning Maltese poet and author.

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