• September 10, 2021

Poem About God and Nature

 Poem About God and Nature


In this poem about God and nature, the poet describes the beauty of nature which she experiences as she does her morning run.

I look around in wonder
As I do my morning run
I pass through fields and meadows
In the early morning sun.

I hear the song of nature
The chirping of the birds
The wind whistling softly
Such music, much nicer than words.

Sometimes I stop and look around me
How beautiful life can be
The smell of earth and wild flowers
Fills me with joy and energy.

And as I turn the corner
I see the blue Mediterranean Sea
I realise how God made everything perfect
Just for you and for me.

So I praise the good Lord
For all he made for me
I promise him that I take care
Of all this beauty around me.

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Nancy Sacco

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