• September 10, 2021

Top Popes’ Quotes About Suffering

 Top Popes’ Quotes About Suffering


1. Hospitals Should Be The Place Where Suffering Should Be Acknowledged 

“The role of hospitals, clinics and convalescent homes… should not merely be institutions where care is provided for the sick or the dying. Above all they should be places where suffering, pain and death are acknowledged and understood in their human and specifically Christian meaning.”
Pope John Paul 2nd, The Gospel Of Life, 1995

2. God Is With Us And Remains With Us On The Cross

“To all those sick in hospital, who live within the walls of a prison, or who are trapped by war, we are called to look to Christ Crucified on the Cross, who is God with us, who remains with us on the Cross and who offers himself as our Saviour. The good thief helps us to understand how we should approach God: with awe and not fear, with respect for God’s power and infinite goodness. When we approach him in this way, we entrust ourselves to his mercy, even in the darkest of moments.
Pope Francis, Audience, 28th September 2016

Popes' Quotes About Suffering

3. On Children With Autism

“No to isolation and stigma…”
Pope Francis, Autism Conference, 2014

Pope Francis on Autism -

4. Accept Suffering With Trust And Hope

 “A wrong attitude is to live pain in a passive manner, letting go with inertia and resignation. Even the reaction of rebellion and rejection is not a correct attitude. Jesus teaches us to live the pain by accepting the reality of life with trust and hope, bringing the love of God and neighbour, even in suffering: and love transforms everything.
Pope Franics, Meeting with the Silent Workers of the Cross, 2014

Popes' quotes about suffering

5. Suffering is a transitory passage

“Christ’s transfiguration shows us the Christian perspective of suffering. Suffering isn’t sadomasochism: it’s a necessary but transitory passage. The point of arrival to which we are called is luminous as Christ’s transfigured countenance: in Him is salvation, beatitude, light and endless love of God. By showing His Glory in this way, Jesus assures us that the cross, the trials, the difficulties in which we find ourselves have their solution and their overcoming in Easter.”
Pope Francis, Angelus, March 2019

Pope Quotes On Suffering

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