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Deep Love Poem – What is Love?

 Deep Love Poem – What is Love?


This poem about deep love describes how multifaceted love is. It describes both love between people and love as a feeling and experience.

Love cannot be described or explained in words.
A person can experience love and know it is love;
one can give love and feel s/he has given it to someone.
But love is too multifaceted to be contained in a singular definition.

Love is alive
Love gives life.
It protects from danger.
Love saves,
drives, ignites,
provides energy, motivation.
Love sparks into action,
brings awareness, awakens.
Love raises from death.

Love overcomes every obstacle,
every physical disability
every mental limitation,
every emotional hurt,
every spiritual aridity,
every natural law.

Love is a verb
Love gives, provides,
serves, feeds,
feels, expresses.
Love explains.
Love cares.
It seeks, finds and shares.
Love heals, restores,
touches, hugs,
brings joy.
Love sees beauty,
and love gives hope.

Love is that candle in the dark,
that caring tap on the shoulder,
that tear trickling down your face,
a child’s hug.
Love is a gift and a grace.
Love is abundant.

Love is intelligent
It observes,
listens, believes,
Love is capable, competent.
Love knows.

Love is creative
It invents, creates, solves.
It searches, builds bridges, connects, joins.
Love can be random and spontaneous.
It converts, transforms,
moulds gently and slowly gives shape.

Love is not
Love is not segregation but unison;
not competition but collaboration;
not exclusion but inclusion;
not a relief but a cure;
not superficial but very intimate, touching the core,
not shallow but deep;
not a hierarchy but relationship;
not a feeling but a decision, a choice.
Love does not judge but listens, learns and understands;
Love does not take advantage or abuse;
It does not feel superior or try to inferiorise.
Love does not destroy.

Love can be paradoxical
Love can provide meaning,
but it can leave you questioning its mystery.
Love can be cruel,
to be kind.
Love shelters, protects,
but exposes to the elements too.
Love teaches slowly
but sometimes teaches you the hard way.
Love does not only have affinity with the beautiful;
but it does finds beauty in everything it loves.
Love can do miracles but demands hard work too.
Love is patient but can be furious.
It can give you energy but it can tire you out.
Love offers but does not impose.
Love prays but does not beg.
Love remembers and it forgets.
Love is innocent but very wise.
Love is brave but can make itself small.
Love is humble but has its own pride.
It praises but does not puff up falsely.
Love is selfless but soulful.
Love is passion but still present in the ordinary and mundane.
It is permanent but it changes everything.
It gives everything but can withold some.
Love tames and wildens.
Love is simple but difficult to practise.
Love holds on but knows how to let go.
Love can give flavour but it can have a sour taste.
Love is quality but renders quantity.
Love creates meaning from chaos,
and sees logic in mess.
Love unites broken fragments but can allow fragments to remain separate, broken, but whole.
Love can be silent but strong.
Love is holy but not self-righteous.
Love is raw but can be refined.
Love does not prevent pain.

Love is pure
Love is transparent.
It is genuine, truthful,
authentic and never false.
Love gives autonomy.
It  does not seek approval.
Love seeks truth
and does not fear.
Love is intentionally generous,
wholly meaningful,
and totally unbounded.

Deep love poemLove remains
Love is not always sweet, not always spicy.
But Love remains.
Love starts and completes.
Love never dies.
Love is presence,
loyalty, fidelity,
You can count on true love.
Love gives sustainable security and peace of mind.
Love tries. Love keeps on trying, and trying and puts more effort into trying again and again.
Love waits and keeps waiting with full of hope.
Love keeps hoping and
tries once again and again ad nauseum.
Love always sees possibility, keeps believing
and keeps seeing potential.
Love appreciates.
Love is never defeated but carries on
and pushes itself to keep moving forward.
Love endures all things.

Love is hospitable
It invites,
greets, welcomes, warms,
Love makes time.
It treats well, sometimes pampers.
Love surprises.
It is tolerant.
Love accepts.
It is gentle,

Love changes
With love, nothing stays the same.
It changes me, you, him, her.
Love conquers the heart
and true love changes us all.

Love is Divine
Love is sacred.
Love is almighty, infinite;
a spirit,
a force, a power,
with no end.
Love overflows with abundance.
It goes beyond space, time, cultures, beliefs.
Love has no limitations,
no boundaries whatsoever.
Love is supernatural, extraordinary.
Love is truth
and love is the way.
Deep Love PoemLove gives peace
and those who choose the way of love
are always winners in the end.

Love is all
If you have love, you have everything.
If you do not have love, you have nothing.

Deep love poem
What is love poem

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