• September 12, 2021


Nuntia is a Maltese freelance artist and illustrator. She also writes poetry. Nuntia has a Higher Education Award in Theology and is currently reading a Diploma in Spiritual Accompaniment.

Who is Jesus?

This article describes the person of Jesus from a spiritual and biblical point of view. Different versions of Jesus Through the centuries we have seen several representations of Jesus which were modelled more on those who came up with them than on the authentic Jesus. This usually happens when an aspect of the Gospel is […]Read More

A Slow, Genuine, Spiritual Conversion Experience

When it comes to spiritual conversion experience, I believe there is no one size fits all, no foolproof formula that can be endlessly repeated. We are talking about deliverance from bondage and the resulting freedom here. It is one of the most relevant issues not only of Christians but of mankind in general. This is […]Read More

Prayer for Fear of Abandonment

A PRAYER FOR THE FEAR OF ABANDONMENT This prayer poem describes the fear of abandonment and the relief found in the person of Jesus Christ. It was written during difficult times of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition experienced by many survivors of child abuse. In your punctured, swollen head In your scourge-torn flesh In the […]Read More