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Training in the Fruit of the Spirit – Reflective Questions

 Training in the Fruit of the Spirit – Reflective Questions

Reflective questions to grow in one’s inner life, reflecting on what St Paul calls “the fruits of the spirit” and search for ways of how one can grow in them…

Love, fruit of the spirit, strawberryFruit of the Spirit 1 – LOVE:
– How can I love the persons around me, even when I feel that s/he does not deserve it? How can my love become more of a decision and less based on feeling? In which areas do I need to love without expecting anything back? Do I take care of my basic health and needs in order to be able to love?

Joy, fruit of the spirit, watermelonFruit of the Spirit 2 – JOY:
– Am I experiencing joy, even when life is tough, or is my happiness tied only to things and the smooth running of the daily routine? How can I become more aware of God’s presence in my life?

Peace, fruit of the spirit, peachFruit of the Spirit 3 – PEACE:
– Do I trust God in a way that I remain serene even when life hits hard or becomes a chaos? Am I experiencing a sense of peace even when I am afraid or worried?

Patience, fruit of the spirit, prickly pearFruit of the Spirit 4 – PATIENCE:
Am I easily set off when things go wrong or people irritate me? Am I trying to respond lovingly in the face of the ill treatments of life and the persons around me?

Kindness, fruit of the spirit, blackberryFruit of the Spirit 5 – KINDNESS:
In which areas do I need to make an act of will and stop saying unkind words or act unkindly? With whom do I need to be more kind?

Goodness, fruit of the spirit, orangeFruit of the Spirit 6 – GOODNESS:
Do I see and acknowledge the good in others? How can I learn more to bring out goodness in others, sometimes by being prudently confrontational, like Jesus did when he challenged Zaccheus?

Faithfulness, pomegranateFruit of the Spirit 7 – FAITHFULNESS:
Are there areas in my life where I am too much concerned with my own success, ambitions and indifferent towards others in my life? Are there areas where I need to seek more the good of others?

Gentleness, cherry

Fruit of the Spirit 8 – GENTLENESS:
Do I come across as aggressive? Am I forgiving and correcting with kindness?

Self-control, lemonFruit of the Spirit 9 – SELF-CONTROL:
The last chocolate… the last few minutes on the internet… tomorrow I will exercise… How much are my fleshly desires controlling me at the moment possibly creating a hard environment for the Holy Spirit to work?

How can you give more space to the seeds of these fruit, already within you, to unlock their potential throughout your life?

Published: June 2017
Updated: May 2018

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Suzanne Vella has a Masters' Degree in Theology, a Diploma in Spirituality and a Diploma in Digital Marketing.

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