• September 10, 2021

Top Pope Francis’ Holy Spirit Quotes

 Top Pope Francis’ Holy Spirit Quotes


1. The Holy Spirit Nurtures

“When the Holy Spirit sows, he grows”.
Pope Francis, Address, 18th June 2016

2. The Holy Spirit Gives Life To The People Of God

“The Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church. He gives life, he brings forth different charisms which enrich the people of God and, above all, he creates unity among believers: from the many he makes one body, the Body of Christ. The Church’s whole life and mission depend on the Holy Spirit; he fulfils all things.”
Pope Francis, Homily, 2014

3. The Holy Spirit Gives Us The Strength To Move Forward

“This is what the anointing of the Holy Spirit foresees: “without His strength, man has nothing (cf. Sequence for Pentecost). Without the power of the Holy Spirit we can do nothing: it is the Spirit who gives us the power to go forth. As Jesus’ entire life was enlivened by the Spirit, so too is the life of the Church and of each of her members under the guidance of the same Spirit.”
Pope Francis, General Audience, 23rd May 2018

4. No One Can Say ‘Jesus Is Lord’ Except By The Holy Spirit

“When we pray, it is because the Holy Spirit inspires prayer in our heart. When we break the cycle of our self-centredness, and move beyond ourselves and go out to encounter others, to listen to them and help them, it is the Spirit of God who impels us to do so. When we find within a hitherto unknown ability to forgive, to love someone who doesn’t love us in return, it is the Spirit who has taken hold of us. When we move beyond mere self-serving words and turn to our brothers and sisters with that tenderness which warms the heart, we have indeed been touched by the Holy Spirit.”
Pope Francis, Homily, 2014

5. The Holy Spirit Kindles Diversity

“It is true that the Holy Spirit brings forth different charisms in the Church, which at first glance, may seem to create disorder. Under his guidance, however, they constitute an immense richness, because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity, which is not the same thing as uniformity. Only the Holy Spirit is able to kindle diversity, multiplicity and, at the same time, bring about unity. When we try to create diversity, but are closed within our own particular and exclusive ways of seeing things, we create division. When we try to create unity through our own human designs, we end up with uniformity and homogenization. If we let ourselves be led by the Spirit, however, richness, variety and diversity will never create conflict, because the Spirit spurs us to experience variety in the communion of the Church.”
Pope Francis, Homily, 2014

Pope Francis Holy Spirit Quotes

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