• September 13, 2021

Topics : Holy Spirit

A Short Reflection on What Happened at Pentecost Sunday

A brief reflection on what happened on the first Pentecost Sunday and what the Holy Spirit can work in us today by Youth Fellowship director Dr Andrew Consiglio… This Pentecost let us remember: The first Christian community was not moved by an idea, a concept or a philosophical argument but by the experience of God’s Presence. “the […]Read More

Top Pope Francis’ Holy Spirit Quotes

TOP POPE FRANCIS’ HOLY SPIRIT QUOTES 1. The Holy Spirit Nurtures “When the Holy Spirit sows, he grows”. Pope Francis, Address, 18th June 2016 2. The Holy Spirit Gives Life To The People Of God “The Holy Spirit is the soul of the Church. He gives life, he brings forth different charisms which enrich the people of […]Read More