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The Love of Christmas in Famous Christmas Characters

 The Love of Christmas in Famous Christmas Characters

A short reflection about love as lived by famous Christmas characters from the Bible during the birth of Christ…

The baby in the mangerJesus –

Love is the small baby Jesus.
Love humbles itself.

Mary, from the film: The NativityMary

Love is that young girl Mary, who believed in the words of the angel and said “yes” to the call. Love believes and obeys.

Joseph, from the film: The NativityJoseph

Love is Saint Joseph who accepted what he could not understand. With love we realise that there are things we can never understand.

Elizabeth and Mary, from the film: The NativityElizabeth

Love is Elizabeth who feels so happy when she hears the good news of her relative. Love is not jealous but rejoices in the good that happens to others.

Knocking till a door is openedJesus’ parents

Love is Mary and Joseph who kept knocking on the doors. Love keeps trying and remains steadfast till the end in spite of difficulties.

Famous Christmas Characters. The inn-keeper of BethlehemThe Inn-Keeper

Love is the inn-keeper who, in spite of his limited resources, made room for Mary and Joseph, by offering the very last space he had left. This was good enough. Love gives from the little she has.

The three wise menThe Wise Men

Love is the magi who despite their wisdom, trusted in a sign they met along the way. Love notices the signs along the journey of life, trusts in them and walks forward accordingly.

Famous Christmas Characters. Shepherds The Shepherds

Love is the shepherds who despite their simplicity of life, believed and went to adore Jesus. Love is simple. Love believes and adores.

Famous Christmas Characters Image: Listener KidsThe Cow & The Donkey

Love is the cow and the donkey, the lesser ones who protected and warmed the little baby. Those who love do not say I am not good enough but know that God can use them to do great things.

Simeon - Famous Christmas CharactersSimeon

Love is old Simeon whose heart was made complete as soon as he saw Jesus being presented at the temple. Love fills the void, gives rest to the heart and knows God. Simeon recognised God as he had been waiting for the him!


 You and meUs

Love is you and me. With Jesus in our hearts, we can make a difference in each others’ lives.

Published: December 2017

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