• September 10, 2021

🎄 Top Popes’ Christmas Quotes

 🎄 Top Popes’ Christmas Quotes

“The Nativity” – a painting by Brian Kershinik


1. Christmas – a time to welcome the Lord in the heart

“Ensure that Holy Christmas is never a celebration of commercial consumerism, of appearances or of useless gifts, or of excessive waste, but that it is a celebration of joyfully welcoming the Lord into the crib and into the heart.” (see image below)
Pope Francis, Meeting with the personnel of the Holy See, 2014

2. Christmas – a time to remember the homeless of today

“I can imagine Joseph, with his wife about to have a child, with no shelter, no home, no place to stay. The Son of God came into this world as a homeless person. The Son of God knew what it was to start life without a roof over his head. We can imagine what Joseph must have been thinking. How is it that the Son of God has no home? Why are we homeless, why don’t we have housing? These are questions which many of you may ask, and do ask, every day. Like Saint Joseph, you may ask: Why are we homeless, without a place to live? And those of us who do have a home, a roof over our heads, would also do well to ask: Why do these, our brothers and sisters, have no place to live? Why are these brothers and sisters of ours homeless? Joseph’s questions are timely even today; they accompany all those who throughout history have been, and are, homeless.”
Pope Francis, Greeting, USA, 2015

3. Christmas – the feast of the light

 “the birth of the Lord;
the event of God who became man in order to save us;
the manifestation of the love of God who does not just give us something, but gives us himself;
the mystery of God who took upon himself our humanity and our sins in order to reveal his divine life, his immense grace and his freely-given forgiveness;
our encounter with God who is born in the poverty of the stable of Bethlehem in order to teach us the power of humility;
the feast of the light which is not received by the “chosen”, but by the poor and simple who awaited the salvation of the Lord.”
Pope Francis, Presentation of the Christmas greetings to the Roman Curia, 2014

Pope Francis Chritmas Quote

4. Christmas – the feast of a restored creation

“Christmas is a feast of restored creation. It is in this context that the Fathers (of the Church) interpret the song of the angels on that holy night: it is an expression of joy over the fact that the height and the depth, Heaven and Earth, are once more united; that man is again united to God.”
Pope Benedict 16th, Midnight Mass, 2007

5. Christmas – the feast of human dignity

“Christmas is the privileged occasion to highlight one of the most influential Christian values:  with the birth of Jesus, in the simplicity and poverty of Bethlehem, God gave back dignity to every human being’s existence. He offered to all people the possibility to participate in his same divine life. May this immeasurable gift always find hearts ready to receive it!”
Pope John Paul 2nd, Advent mass for the students of the Roman State Universities, 2003

6. Christmas – a time to feel the presence of Jesus with everyone

“Christmas is a ray of light for all, because it reveals to us God’s love and makes us feel the presence of Jesus with everyone, especially with those who are suffering. Just for this reason Jesus willed to be born in poverty and in the abandonment of a cave and to be laid in a manger.”
Pope John Paul 2nd, Address to young people, 1978

Christmas Quotes by Pope Francis

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