• September 10, 2021

Sharing Your Faith With Your Child

Below is a list of practical ideas on sharing your faith with your child:  

1. MAKE FAITH MEANINGFUL. Look out for examples of daily faith experiences, such as a sick person who trusts in God and is happy, to show how faith can be meaningful in our daily life.

2. LOOK FOR GOOD QUALITY SERVICES. Just like you look for a good hairdresser, look out for masses/centres/communities which cater for children’s needs such as those having children’s liturgy, a priest which is child-friendly, songs which children know etc.

3. PRAYER WITH ART/SPORT ETC… Experiment with various styles of prayer to discover how your child prefers to pray. Is it through singing or dancing to a religious song from Youtube, a spontaneous prayer, a bible story and a complementary prayer, a favourite prayer s/he knows by heart, through a craft etc?

4. INVEST IN RESOURCES. Have a few resources at home which your child can choose from to grow in his/her faith such as a comics about the life of a saint, a prayer book, a video of a favourite Bible story or a children’s Bible appropriate for his/her age etc which you can buy both from local bookshops or on-line.

5. RESPECT YOUR CHILD. Passing on faith cannot be imposed or presented as a should but rather as another resource in life. Respect your child’s way of prayer, un/belief, doubt etc and just be there lovingly.

6. SET THE EXAMPLE. If you are trying to grow in your faith whether it is alone or with others, in the quiet of your family or in a group it is likely that your children will follow in one way or another.

7. SEEK SUPPORT. If you have areas where you are struggling in your faith seek the support of a lay or religious spiritual director both for yourself and for your child. You can also talk about the matter with friends who share your faith and vision.

Sharing your faith with your child
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