• September 10, 2021

Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

 Breaking New Year’s Resolutions

Did you promise yourself that you will stop eating that daily bar of chocolate as from 1st January but have already found yourself doing it again? This short article offers a word of hope for those particular moments when we find ourselves breaking new year’s resolutions.

Breaking new year’s resolutions is so common that some people refrain from committing to them in the first place. Dan Neuharth, in his book If You Had Controlling Parents gives an example of two people on a diet who both break it. The first dieter thinks “It’s hopeless, I will never loose weight. I have no will power.” The second dieter thinks, “I had one slip. It’s a setback, but my diet is still in effect. Things must be getting to me today.”

In these moments we have a choice to make; we can choose pessimism like the first dieter or or we can choose hope, the second dieter. This also reminds us when Jesus talked about wheat and weeds growing together, If you pull up the weeds, then the good plants will come up with them. Let them both grow together until the harvest time” (Mt 13: 29-30). Here we are being encouraged to not be too quick to sort out the good and the bad, our weaknesses and our strengths; but trusting in God that we will eventually come to live peacefully with both the strengths and the weaknesses within us and within those around us.

Article written by Universe of Faith

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