• September 10, 2021

Family Quotes By The Fathers Of The Church

 Family Quotes By The Fathers Of The Church


St Augustine of Hippo1. Take care of those who are the least among you- St Augustine Of Hippo

“Do not neglect then the least of those belonging to you, look after the salvation of all your household with all vigilance.”
St Augustine of Hippo, Sermon 44 on the New Testament



St John Chrysostom2. Love is greater than space and time – St John Chrysostom

“For such is the power of love, it embraces, and unites, and fastens together not only those who are present, and near, and visible but also those who are far distant; and neither length of time, nor separation in space, nor anything else of that kind can break up and sunder in pieces the affection of the soul.
St John Chrysostom, Letter to a young widow

Thank you to Fr Jonathan Farrugia from Malta and Mike Aquilina from Canada for their support in compiling the Fathers Of The Church quotes.

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