• September 10, 2021

Big Family Decisions

 Big Family Decisions

One of Annabelle Bonello’s big family decisions: will she take care of her family and widowed mother or pursue her career as a teacher?

“When I look back on my life I realise that I was faced with some challenging decisions which have affected the course of my life. My father passed away at quite a young age and left my mother a widow when my husband and I were still starting our own family. I was torn between trying to care for my family and my widowed mother at the same time or pursuing my career as a teacher.

Together with my husband, I opted for the first. I made it a point to help my mother lead as happy a life as possible especially as she became older and lonelier. I tried to include her in as many activities as possible and she became an extended part of our family. Although she lived alone she knew we cared for her and she never felt lonely. Now that she too has passed away at the venerable age of 83, I can still remember her beaming smile whenever I called for her to take her out for a coffee or to spend the day with my family.  I feel nothing but joy when I remember that I was there for her when she needed me!”

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Annabelle Bonello

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