• September 10, 2021

Christmas Faith Quotes by Famous People

 Christmas Faith Quotes by Famous People


Queen Elizabeth 2nd of EnglandQuote 1 – Queen Elizabeth 2nd

“It is true that the world has had to confront moments of darkness this year but the Gospel of John contains a verse of great hope: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome”. There are millions of people lighting candles of hope in our world today. Christmas is a good time to be thankful for them, and for all that brings light to our lives.”
Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Christmas message, 2015

Fr George Preca, Founder of the Society of Christian Doctine (M.U.S.E.U.M.), Malta Quote 2 – Saint George Preca

“The first lesson which Christ gave to the world was silence and showed that through silence the Kingdom of God enters the heart of man.”
Saint George Preca, The School of Betlehem

Saint Oscar Romero Quote 3 – Saint Oscar Romero

“We must not seek the child Jesus in the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs. We must seek him among the undernourished children who have gone to bed at night with nothing to eat, among the poor newsboys who will sleep covered with newspapers in doorways.”
Saint Oscar Romero

David Mc Kenna Quote 4 – Dr David L. McKenna

Jesus was fully human. To us, humanity means frailty and failure; hence, our dilemma. We need a God who is beyond us and yet one with whom we can identify. That was God’s intention in the Incarnation. In Jesus, God put himself into a real man who might have lived next door.
Dr David L. Mc Kenna


Christmas Faith Quotes

Christmas quotes by famous people

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