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The Fathers of the Church About God

 The Fathers of the Church About God


St. Augustine of Hippo

1. Our heart only rests in God – St Augustine of Hippo

“You made us for Yourself, O Lord; and our heart is restless until it rests in you.”
“God is our helper: he made us and not we ourselves.”
“Nothing mutable is eternal: but our God is eternal.”
St Augustine of Hippo



Tertullian2. God is the perfect father and master – Tertullian

“God both a perfect father and a perfect master: a father in His mercy, a master in His discipline; a father in the mildness of His power, a master in its severity; a father who must be loved with dutiful affection, a master who must needs be feared; be loved, because He prefers mercy to sacrifice; be feared because He dislikes sin; be loved, because He prefers the sinners repentance to his death; be feared, because He dislikes the sinners who do not repent. Accordingly, the divine law commands duties in respect of both these attributes: You shall love God, and, You shall fear God. It proposed one for the obedient man, the other for the transgressor.”


Anon, Fathers of the Church3. God is the creator – Mathetes

“God has loved mankind. He made the world on his account. He made all the things that are in it subject to him. He gave him reason and understanding. To mankind alone God imparted the privilege of looking upwards to himself [a reference to the fact that man alone walks upright, with face lifted toward heaven]. He formed him after his own image. He sent him His only-begotten Son, has promised him a kingdom in heaven, and will give it to those who have loved Him.”
Letter of Mathetes  to Diognetus, A.D. 80-200, ch. 10


Irenaeus4. God is one – Irenaeus

“God is one, who has created and completed all things.”
Irenaeus on the Scripture v. 7.



Thank you to Fr Jonathan Farrugia from Malta and Mike Aquilina for their support in compiling the Fathers Of The Church quotes.

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