• September 10, 2021

Prayer for Shame

 Prayer for Shame


In this prayer for shame the author expresses her moments when she feels ashamed and prays for help to accept her limits. She also expresses her trust in God, the One in whom she finds rest.

“I come before you Lord, with all the things that make me feel shameful, weak, vulnerable. You know everything about me. You’ve seen me embarrassed, running breathlessly for a place to hide; you were with me when I was afraid. You know exactly what makes me feel insecure and fragile. And yet, you love me unconditionally. You look beyond all that fills me with shame and see me for the precious, unique person you created, a daughter of God.

Help me to accept my limitations, my faulty tendencies and my unhealthy attachments. Help me to embrace my wounds and expose them to your loving healing touch. Thanks for loving me just as I am. In you and only you I find my rest, Lord God, forever and ever. Amen”

Anon –  the author wished to remain anonymous.


Published: February 2019

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