Poem About Life And Time

 Poem About Life And Time

Joe Scicluna                                                    

Life and Time Poem 1As a child I looked around me             
and watched the lofty trees                                
wondering what made them grow so tall,      
while swaying in the breeze.                              
I watched the birds and bees                         
and all creatures that can fly,                           
I watched the tiny insects                                 
and every thing that crawl.                                
I watched little toddlers                                    
creeping on all fours,                                      
knowing that soon they stand                          
to walk up straight and tall.  

Life and Time Poem 2I watched the mighty blazing sun                      
and the endless deep blue sea,                           
that reached each and every shore                    
so far away from me.                                        
I heard the roaring thunder                             
and saw sudden flashes of light                       
as I tossed in my cosy bed
on a fearful stormy night.                                  
Then at the break of dawn
when almost all the clouds had gone,
I used to reason how and why
a colourful rainbow filled the sky.

Life and Time Poem 3In my teens I tried to figure out
how all these wonders came about,
who had made a world like this
and keeps it going with such bliss.
I learned about the big bang theory
and of Darwin’s evolution,
but though proved these things can be,
they don’t really convince me.
For what made this big bang happen,
surely not a nuclear weapon.

Life and Time Poem 4They say that gases
had caused this big explosion,
and set the universe in motion.
This can be true in many ways,
but who moved all gases to one place
In a still and static space?
Or how could the first bee survive’
without a swarm and hive?
Mr. Darwin please explain
’cause I’ve tried but all in vain.

Life and Time Poem 5Now that I’m old as I can be
most things are still a mystery,
but though it’s hard to comprehend
someone so mighty and so grand,
is holding everything in His hand.
I believe in His love for me,
and for all humanity,
and that all He asks from you and me,
is to live in peace and harmony.
Now I believe sooner or later
I will be meeting my creator,
And though unworthy as I am      
I pray that through His loving grace
My poor soul He will embrace.

Published: January 2019

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